Mario Hates You

May 14,Friday.

I had the urge to write something today.A first in a very long time.Lately,I haven’t been able to focus much on real life and hence, I’ve been lazying about for no reason….

Anyway,I got the idea to waste some time and talk/interact with the communities I find on the various forums I happened to be registered on, based on my otaku interests(games,anime etc).I rarely ever post anymore since I got sick of it.I can’t remember why though.And yet again,I have been reminded of the reason for that.

These so called public forums are strange in the sense that they are moderated by people who are offered the position from the higher ups.In a way,this means that the forums now “belong” to them because they have the right to judge who and what gets said.Of course,you can argue that they do follow specific guidelines etc,but any and all loopholes and grey areas are subject to that person’s whims and fancies.

What is considered “flaming”?What is considered “inappropriate”? It all boils down to the ‘mod’.After all,the mod gets the final say in everything.A referee on the internet.Or rather, an egomaniac trying to shape whatever internet space they can get into their own personal happy land?I don’t know.

The crux of the problem for me lies in the fact that I dislike being “confined”.I dislike authority of any sort when they don’t even have my respect.They can do what they want because I don’t want to be a part of that kind of community.

Go Away scary peoplez!

I find that I’m better off not interacting with people on the internet because I tend to get antagonistic and hateful easily whenever I come across assholes.And apparently,I can’t do anything about it because you’re allowed to be an asshole on the internet.As for me,I just walk away in spite of whatever happens.The right thing to do I guess.

For the record,I wrote this to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for quite some time.The internet sucks.


Life after/during summer….

College starts again in Septenber…I wanted more time to do all the things I have been skipping out on(updating this blog of mine for example).

I like that hoodie =D

Anyway, I’ve been living a semi-hikkomori lifestyle.Only venturing out of my apartment for food and perhaps answering the odd phone call.

Pangya is probably the only game where you can be lolicon openly

One of the reasons would be my preoccupation with summer school.And the amount of work I have to do in scanlating manga.Not to mention my current addiction to pangya(its getting better).

Strangely enough, there hasn’t been much to talk about on the anime scene for me.Alot of “second season” anime are making their rounds.I’m enjoying Spice and Wolf  2 alot…..but that’s about it I guess.I do watch a few others but it merely serves to kill time.


Over the past year or two, I’ve noticed the shrinking anime indistry in japan while online anime disribution is as healthy as ever.Torrents are used less and less.Streamng has become the new fad.These drastic changes put the indistry’s status in limbo.It’s probably going to be the turning point which will decide the fate of the industry.Thisyear alone I’ve noticed a sharp decline in anime variety.A drop in seinen titles and a large scale increase in moe,ecchi and shounen titles.Titles which sell.Titles which I have grown sick of unfortunately.Hopefully things turn out for the better.

I’ll probably  be doing whole series reviews from now on if my schedule permits.Until next time.



Just another video I subbed with what little free time I have….


Kampfer:Yay for generic crap

Apparently Kampfer is having an anime adaption.What is Kampfer?Girls in school girl uniforms battling each other.Its like Sekirei…only the main character is a mahou shoujo-ish type.HE changes into a magical girl.The main reason I care is that I once considering translating the manga series after I stumbled upon a bunch of raws.Looked interesting but apart from the eye candy,pretty generic IMO.Glad I never found the conviction to do anything.So far 2 chapters of the manga have been translated into english if anybody is interested to check it out.

I on the other hand will be busy working.And my DVD’s for Vandread came today.The problem is I just found out I’m missing 2 dvd’s 20/26 episodes.So I’m back to bargain hunting.But those anime hoarders are charging crazy prices for the final DVD for season 2 I need to complete my collection.Hopefully I’ll find a sneaky way to get it for free.


Stuff I did this winter =)

Apparently I’m dead.Because I’m too bust with my life to keep up with this blog.Or whats left of it.These past few months have been nothing but trouble.

I’m a little happy though because I finally bought the whole Vandread dvd set from Geneon.Its in the mail but I’m gonna marathon it.Its probably going to be the millionth time I’ll be watching it.Apparently the DVDs cost less than my teddy bear now.

I’m also planning to get a job this summer to buy Azumanga Daioh and Chobits….it should cost a hundred bucks or so.I haven’t rewatched this as many times as I would have given how I’m such a big fan of Chiyo-chan

And I’ve decided to start translating To Love-ru on a semi-weekly basis so that my japanese doesn’t get too rusty.I’ll be posting the stuff I do on mangahelpers.com.And finally I’m going to go to Chinatown next week to find cheap junk(maybe).

Oh and I’m thinking of doing a few more of those song subbing thingys on youtube.I found the new Koihime musou shin Opening some sometime back.Hopefully I’ll get some time to write up the lyrics.


Rimless by IKU(subed by me) >.<

Yo…I’ve been busy recently…exams and such in a week and life sucks.So I subbed this video to make myself happier.I used the kanji on the back of the CD to translate it…I did change 1 or 2 words so it sounds more “english-like” since I could see its definitely taylor made for this anime.And apparently this singer debuted this year.Bah ‘m no good with J-Pop news anyway.Enjoy..I’ll be back to regular blogging after a couple of weeks.

Besides being the To Aru Majutsu no Index anime’s ED I like the tune alot for some reason.I thought it was going to be really emo but it turns out she worked some “mana” or spirit energy into the verses..lol


(PV)Tommy Heavenly 6:Papermoon – sub =)

Click on the bottom right arrow on the video and select closed captions to view subs.Best viewed in HQ.

So I spent some time subbing this…last night for fun though I’m not very good at it(imo).I dunno if its all correct though since I did it by ear and all.I’ll correct it if I so happen to get the official transcription eventually.Enjoy ^^

Edit: I was told by youtube that this was deleted.Apparently there’s a loop hole of some sort here because this video works.Well….I fixed the lyrics anyway.