Minami-ke episode 1

Minimi-ke sisters

I have decided to blog about minami-ke since I am bored,as I type episode 1 is almost err done.I might put some screenshots later.Edit;Okay so now I got a shapshot from the episode =D.


OMG its cool!!!Although its harem(not my fav) but the slice of life humour makes up for it.I must say that Kana (the middle sister) is my fav though for her umm wiredness.


Shows the life or daily life of the minami sisters,a cute bunch of school girls.Sounds strangely familiar to Lucky star and Azumanga but who cares =D.

Scene 1:Kana(girl in the middle doing a superman) wakes up on a sunday morning and tries to act all ‘badish’ and helps out with the cooking but fails miserably.XD

Scene2:Kana has to do the dinner but only realises this after Chiaki(the little loli) reminds her.Disaster follows.

Scene3:The sisters watch a drama about a couple kissing and haruka(big sis) changes the channel.Kana later tries to explain it to Chiaki who might have been confused about what she saw.Kana ends up erm sexually harrasing Chiaki(you have to see it to believe it).

Scene4:Kana gets a love letter from a boy(unbelivable) but thanks to Chiaki’s “help” thought it was a challenge request and beats the stuffing out of the poor kid.


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