My Barbaric Girlfriend


My first project will be to blog this…tada MBG or My Barbaric Girlfriend a nicely done manga by Ai Moringa known for her comedic style.This is licensed by Tokyopop so I cant reveal any sources as to where these pictures come from(and dont tell anybody either please =P).Ahem.So it basically has 4 volumes so far and depending on time factors  I may have to do multiple entries to cover everything.


Might seem like a typical shoujo manga but no its far more wierder than that.The main theme is gender bender where the two main characters switch bodies due to some freaky experiment by a overweight old man.The girl is especially violent(brutal might be more appropriate) and the guy well doesn’t have the slightest hint of manliness though he is your typical bishounen looking character(no feminine tendencies though-not yet) but just plain timid/weak minded/a pushover/easily depressed- basically a failure of a man.

Volume 1

Consisting of nine chapters the first 4 focus mostly on developing the main plot.We see momoi(the real one) who is just a pretty face witha bad attitude and uehara akira, a pathetic excuse for a man as one would infer but has a secret crush on momoi.So one can rest assured that he is straight.One day momoi’s grandpa creates a machine which ithink he himself didnt know what it did since it switch momoi and uehara’s brains instead of shrinking(Honey I shrunk the kids? =/) from there on its been a cool ride for the now “new” uehara.In fact I dont see any downsides(got a girlfriend,became popular etc) expect maybe his grades while the new momoi suffers from emotional trauma and sexual harrassment from senbogi(best friend? as if..) who is out to get the more feminine momoi.We end the volume with momoi getting a part time job and me learning how women always get their way T.T

P.S the *cough* bleeding part was slightly disturbing although it was hillarious.

Here we end volume 1 and I am moving on to volume 2 with the captions coming up in time……..hopefully

Volume 2

Chapter 1 to 3

Yea its a beach trip. Apparently Senbogi is treating Momoi,Akira and Shina to a relaxing vacation(his ulterior motives are so obvious) and hopefully try and seduce momoi again…I find it a must to have these scenes in ecchi manga though one would argue if this was ecchi.Anyway Momoi gets lonely since well he;s still single and well the beach is like a place where couples go.Or at least where single guys go to get a quick date ><.To solve this momoi enters a noodle eating contest(could have been soba- not sure) and wins(yay!) Anyway I think momoi actually has some feelings for senbogi since she/he kinda got jelous at some point when some girls tried to flirt with senbogi.Moving on we see yaoi.Yes that dreaded thing that fangirls love all too much.To me i try to avoid it but this time its actually entertaining.Akira snaps when momoi is caught doing something peverted to shina in the night and akira’s revenge is to do the same to senbogi.Obviously senbogi would be scarred for life.Luckily he didnt lose ‘it’ yet if you know what i mean ^^. 

P.S. I find that this post is really popular but nobody is posting nor looking at my other posts.*cough* you know erm could ya at least give some feedback?I am planning to post a slide show of each volume so you guys can read the manga provided nobody tells the police.lol


2 Responses to “My Barbaric Girlfriend”

  1. 1 Godai82
    February 27, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    I’m reading this manga and it is really cool but in the net i cant find a lot about it.

  2. 2 Avelina
    October 13, 2008 at 4:33 am

    I love this manga, but I can only find up to volume 4, chapter six. T.T

    anyways, I think Tokyopop only copyrighted their translations (this is the general policy when American companies translate and import Japanese manga) so the pictures themselves should be fine (so long as they don’t have Tokyopop translations in them) (you might want to double check this information, though, because I don’t know about this particular case.

    So, yeah….you seem to be doing fine summarizing everything that happens….but maybe talk about what you think about it more? I dunno.

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