Minami-ke 2

Well here we have episode 2 of Minami-ke.This time….

Minami-ke 2

This time we learn about the normal average school live of Haruka and Chiaki but its late so let me do this thing later k?


Okay so I’m back so lets do this..

Scene 1:

Minami 2s1

Maki,Haruka’s classmate, declares she is dropping out of school.Albeit on strange circumstances-girls are forced to wear skirts?Anyway her Haruka and her friend manage to convince her to change her mind by wearing bloomers under her skirt.However the entire process is nothing short of funny =D.

Scene 2;Strange things?

Wierd things

Dinner time and the girls are listening to the news(about the loincloth world record attempt) and Haruka accidentally mentions a boy.Kana asked if they did anything wierd/funny/strange(from what I understand wierd is probably the best word).Haruka wispers to Kana not to say anything wierd in front of little Chiaki which of course did not help and then a funny discussion of wierd things that happen when boys are with girls and vice versa.It ends up nowhere and just gets Chiaki confused…not that her stone face shows it much.This carried on in school…where lets just say the wierd things just keep popping up.You have  to see it to believe it!

Scene 3;

Boy A

Chiaki is a good nicknamer as revealed ^^ but nothing beats ‘Boy A’

Scene 4;


Dust sweeping yay!And boy Mako-chan is dumb..

Scene 5;


Of riddles and wierd things XD.Best part of the episode for me.Its funny how riddles must have 1 answer even though many things can be the answer as well.”A star is a star but what is a sour star?”The answers was sour plums(ume-boshi).Note that boshi means star.But Kana’s answer >>black star(failure) made sense too for me.But it sure was LOL material.

Thoughts: Good episode to follow up the previous and I’m looking forward to more of Kana-chan’s antics in school next week based on the preview ^^

P.s;I may have left out some stuff from the episode but there was just too much win material in there so I just chose the best ones for me.


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