Over Drive 19+20+21

 Note:I’ll put up some screenshots later since I am so lazy.Edit okay I decided to drop the screen shots since nothing worthwhile is happening in fact its more depression up to these 3 episodes.


Okay here we go.Episode  19 finally revaels who is that  mystery girl.I did mention abit about her in my review on episode 18.As expected I was right.She is

shinozaki’s classmate whose father is sponsoring the race(Asahi Steel).She leads a very similar life to shinozaki;a lonely one.Of course she was shocked shinozaki was in the race and winning at one point since he was such a loser in her opinion.Shinozaki winning the mountain award started her interest in the cycling club(as we will see in episode 26 but lets not spoil it).

Next we see the breakdown in terao and yosuke’s relationship.Yosuke being captain cannot accept defeat yet again and ignores his team;letting shinozaki charge again and again untiil he almost kills himself.Terao questions his selfish actions and yosuke says that he is the captain hence everyone should shut up and follow him.Terao was left stranded and shellshocked as yosuke dissapears downhill.Here we see terao’s efforts and contribution to the club to create a great team in the past.With an unstable mindset it was enivitable something had to happen sooner or later.And yes it does;yosuke runs over a puddle and crashes into the road ending up in a patch a soft grass thankfully.

Edit:I’ll add in episode 20 too =P

Okay so now we learn all about terao’s sacrifices for the club and how he sticks by yosuke.Basically a heartwarming episode about best friends.In the end terao catches up to yosuke after he hears that he crashed.Shinozaki?Well he umm going ..still going albeit slowly.

Edit:I’ll add in episode 21 too since its basically more of the same stuff.

Terao paces yosuke and leads in pursuit of hyodou and kurosuke in the lead who have been in battle.Shinozaki is still struggling(dying =O).Yuki in the support truck reaches him but she refuses to talk to him(must be confused about her feelings to him) Anyway shinozaki is too tired to notice anything and they drive past a slowing shinozaki.Meanwhile terao finally manages to guide yosuke to the front and it becomes a three way battle again.Yeah finally some plot progresson!


good episode and fills in some of the holes in the plot + a nice cliffhanger at the end.As I said before the next episodes features terao and yosuke’s relationship so I might as well blog ahead of the fansub as I think I can manage with my pathetic japanese.I’ll be sure to go all out when we finally learn the ABC’s of love in a future episode(SPOILER!!).And yes that part almost killed me.You can about guess what F might stand for right??=D

 Edit:Well I must say the race is drawing to a close but I am still hyped up about episode 22 to learn about the ABC’s of love when it gets subbed.


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