Minami-ke 3 + 4

Yo first I would like to apologise for my laziness;I am busy with my SAT exams which is a few days away.Mmm the wonders of education..

Back to the anime:

Screenshots:Sorry I’ll do it later please…really lazy T.T


Ball kicking gang boss returns

Well the fujioka romance continues(luckily he didnt look like he suffered permanent physical damage when kana messed him up good back in episode 1).Kana gets back her math paper which was a wonderfully human 65 while her friend keiko got 100(for every subject;cough..cheater).fijioka tries to start a conversation which ends up in a long drawn out challenge of who can score higher but…as we see kana isnt very bright so a loss was enivitable.She did put up a fight though by falsifying all her scores 41>>>81 and all that.The prize was a puppy dog handshake.Fujioka received it umm well.


Back home kana wonder how chiaki is doing at school.Of course its pretty good but kana get jelous and spouts off insults in a humourous way.Then somehow it turns into a milk drinking match(kana doing much of it) and ends with a tummy ache.Then we somehow end up with a cooking showdown with kana doing most of it again.Haruka comes home to see both of them lying on the floor with alien looking food on the table.Must have been some meal.Haruka cooks dinner and is declared the winner.Yay…


More romance and fujioka finally confesses his love.You would think its a happy ending but again kana consults chiaki-sama on her love problems and we end up back to square 1.Apparently kana can’t seem to accept anybody would like her since well she’s so bleh..I pity fujioka’s sad fate.Indeed love is blind.Well kana decides ho invite him over to dinner(OMG inviting a boy over to your house for dinner it practically screams i want to impress you).But no it was just to get rid of some extra curry from last night..Fujioka on the other hand was happy and acting wierd making chiaki suspicious of the gang boss.But then haruka mentions how he is like father and chiaki well gets some wierd thoughts.Chiaki seats herself between fujioka’s legs and goes all moe =O.Kana senses this strange warm atmosphere and chases/kicks fujioka out.Possibly since she was jelous of fujioka getting aalong well with her family unlike her who is always causing trouble.

THoughts:Not bad,has lots of win moments and as mention before we shouldn’t expect too much from this series and sit 3 metres from the TV at all times.As for episode 4 its out and looks good to out do all episodes yet =).

Under construction….=(


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