Making a scanlation group….?>.>

Meh since i have been reading more manga these days to anime for some reason i suddenly feel the need to scanlate some manga?! Wierd huh but now I am in

a big dilemma.The thing is..my japanese is as trashy as it gets and it would take a long time for me to translate pages especially heavy text ones.However I am willing to learn(hell I thought its the best way to learn japannese + photoshop editing + QC + everything else) So….PLEASE if anybody knows where I can find raws for manga it would be much appreciated.I also need a japanese kanji text program/application to translate(the thing that changes your romaji into japanese kanji like the japanese use.Since I don’t know kanji I have to rely on my hiragana to get by which is so – so i guess.I am also looking for prospective members(mostly computer know it alls or anyone who knows anything useful)Depending on time I would try to get my act running by spring =.=…….hopefully.

 As for my anime/manga blogging I am slowing it down a notch due to real life distractions which have hindered my progress.But hey I still watch them just that I don’t have the time to blog about it seriously.Posts will be updated periodically.

December 04;

Well its December and I still havent found any manga I would like to translate(The one i did well the raws are almost all gone =/)I tried to do bleach for practice but the text was just too blurry though I did manage to read 60-70% of the text.Besides, that its really dirty..with smudges everywhere.Well that is to be expected.I might have to buy my own manga and translate them since I am against distributing licensed english manga.Unless anybody can find me decent raws as in the text is still intact.I’ll do anything as long as its not hentai or excessively ecchi/yaoi/yuri


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