It’s a trap!!! >.> haha well my brain stopped for a few minutes as i was just skimming through a description of moyashimon episode 9 with some screenshots.Though I really like the show this was totally unexpected since it was going down a educational/cute tone in previous episodes.I dunno much about kei(in pic) other than he likes sake and is a son of sake brewer.But from his name kei(possibly slightly more feminine to the average japanese and me) it was strange that he is a guy since most people would use kai since its more macho and such.But here is your answer..not really.Anyway I am seriously considering blogging this now.Hopefully I wont be gone too long before it does come out again.Final thoughts, that goth loli get up is seriously hot but i dont think we are gonna see some yaoi coz tadayasu is definitely straight(i think…maybe).Gonna have to see the manga to be sure.


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