Merry Christmas + some Christmas Anime

Hello and greetings.Its that time again this year and its as sunny as ever here(partly cloudy?) here is a cat to give you a smile =)


Anyway since its Christmas you probably want Christmas anime to celebrate the festive ocasion with friends and family.So I guess I can come up with some recommendations hehe.

Okay Kana here demands that I talk about her show Minami-ke episode 12 where they have a Christmas special with all the heartwarming characters back yet again for a round of laughs.Ehem so back to where I was, the first thing we need is a nice movie right?What better movie than the classic Tokyo Godfathers?About the story of a group of homeless people suddenly put in charge of an abandoned baby(so sad..) and how they fare in the cold streets of Tokyo.Then we go to something for the guys.Another classic >>Love Hina Christmas special(yay!) Its been years but its still a good watch for the sake of old times and well since most people know about Love Hina(it got me back into anime for heavens sake when it came out).Next we go to Itsudatte My Santa?An earlier work of Ken Akamatsu so dont expect too much.Just sit back and relax.Okay well thats about it since the next thing I just thought was emm wierd.Yes its a Christmas special but its yuri so I guess its not really everyone’s cup of tea.Just give a few more if you know any.

Well I am currently working on a new manga review which i think I will be done next week.I am still looking for some good raw manga to scanlate(just trying) by the way.OO and I almost forgot to do the year end top anime list for 2007.Good year too bad it means I’m 1 year older.YOUTH IS FLEETING!!!MUST DO MORE STUFF!!


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