My Picks:Best Animes of 2007

Okay so we are about at the end of 2007,so I guess I should make my best anime list of 2007 thingy,

NO.1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Langann

Perhaps one of the best series I have come across ever if not the best.Gainax finally is back with a new series with epic written all over it.Yes no anime is perfect and this is no exception.The critics say that well this show is too simplistic and wacky too be taken seriously enough.Others say well because its like that its so good.I’ll leave it to the jury.The only major flaw was episode 4 where the original director got fired since he let his best friend star as the guest director(..dumb move..).But all that aside the spectacular battles which transcend boundries of logic leaves viewers in awe.And for once the male characters aren’t suicidal/crybabies/emo(not much) compared to the mecha heavywieghts( Gundam  =.= ).I had my doubts at first if this was worthwatching since it looked more cartoonish than cool.Luckily, I stuck with it.But I did dislike the fact that it was licensed before the series was finish by ADV….so it did not reach the massive popularity it should have.Episode 27 had one of the best animation I have ever seen  besides almost suceeding in making me emo(nice try)just for the record.Overall a sparkling 9.9/10.

Just a little recap of some of the the great moments in the series,

NO.2 School Days

What can I say, it started out okay but had that strange feeling of awkwardness.I thought it was a light hearted school life drame/romance.I was sadly mistaken.I was taken hostage by this anime by episode 5.Every episode caused new ‘revalations’ and my hate for Makoto grew so much I was mad with rage.Then don’t watch it!!Easier said than done since the fanservice keeps forcing me to watch just a little more before throwing in another shocking event.Anyway this H game adaption is really “something”.Hell it caused a girl in Japan to kill her dad with an axe.The real final episode would leave anyone feeling sick in its full glory.Horrifying yet captivating.Masterpiece or bullshit?I dunno.Overall 9.5/10

Warning this is a minor spoiler;If you have not watched the series do not watch,

NO.3  Minami-ke

Minimi-ke sistersRiddles

Just a little video tribute to its awesomeness.I take no credit whatsoever for it.

Well I vote this as my fav comedy for the year, not action packed,not super amazing, not excessively wacky just a balance of everything.In fact we were warned not to expect too much.Its hard not to love all the characters in some way.So far there is something for everyone.Even the lame drama parody gives some laughs.Personally I like Kana best.I think I can relate to her better since most of the time I can understand her feelings(no matter how twisted).Haruka well is the opposite of a tsundere lol.Sweet on the outside and inside but if provoked has a very scary darkside thus the nickname “banchou”.Chiaki well is just a kid in my eyes nothing more.With the remake starting soon I just hope that the studio that did shuffle doesn’t screw this up.Overall 9/10.

NO. 4 Bamboo Blade

The “pro” otaku didn’t give this much of a chance.Who cares I say.Indeed it starts off slow but far from being a sports type as it is intended to be its more of a light hearted comedy besides teaching us about kendo.I think the main thing that sucked me in was the moe-ness of all the female characters.For those without a soft side or a sense of humour please don’t watch this as I don’t want to hear those negative comments.Anyway, so far its been a fun ride with 26 episodes in total its staying pretty solid in my rankings.It does poke fun at some anime stereotypes like suggesting anime is for kids and stuff but its all in good fun.Animation wise its decent but not spectacular.I highly recommend this on a lazy Sunday afternoon just to destress.Overall 8.9/10.

NO. 5 Moyashimon

Wierd is one word to describe this.But I never knew an anime about microbes would be so entertaining.Educational and informative.Although, creepy and disgusting sometimes it just exudes this aura of mystery that I haven’t seen before.Based on the numbers its pretty popular despite its late night slot in Japan so its definitely in the mainstream type anime.One might contest that due to some yuri elements in the later episodes.Although I don’t know what happened to the fansubs, I am still eagerly awaiting the next episode if ever.But since its had some quality issues in terms of animation in some episodes I had to lower my rating for the show overall.Thought provoking and an interesting watch.I suggest those who do not like seinen type shows avoid this since it doesn’t have naruto type fights or any non-sense like that.Overall 8.5/10.


These are the one who deserve a good praise either because I like them or because I haven’t watched them yet but they have sparkling reviews from reliable people I trust.


Nice manga adaption but nothing more.The original stuff was interesting but lacked the killing factor.The presence of a whining male character left me irritated instead of touched.Anyway there is room for a sequeal due to its popularity.

Seirei no Moribito

I haven’t reached this yet but I heard it rivals Gurren Langann in awesomeness.I apologise for my noobness and ignorance but its in my nick name so too bad.Its already licensed so…it has to be good right?


Great series so far.Something like death note + akagi? Who knows..well its basically a series about gambling and how it relates to real life.A psycological thriller.Very gripping.It is a manga adaption though with 30+ volumes if I am not mistaken.

Hayate no Gotoku

Insanely popular in Japan so it deserves some praise.Cat guys?Well that deserves another praise.

Lucky Star


From a 4 panel manga to the big screen.A revalation this year but for what reason?Besides the obvious ones I think of this as great but not deserving of all the hype it generated.Even the first director was fired for his incompetence.After that it stayed on my watchlist as a regular fav.Before that it was rotting in the “I’ll watch if I am dead bored bin”.

Shion no Oh

I do not understand shougi but it sure is interesting since there is a stalker,murderer and crossdresser all in one show.Wow..

Over Drive

Fav sports anime of 2007.Fun watch.Hoping for a second season.


Forgive my ignorance again.I stuffed this under my to watch list but never did.My friends say its a really good watch.Now I better get serious with this if I am ever gonna finish it.I did watch episode 1 though when it came out.

Lovely Complex

I rarely go for shoujo but this is an exception since the story looked interesting to me.Romantic but needs more fanservice for the guys.


Ahh my Matsuri is so moe…heheh.I really like the series from the start but I hate the boy who’s name I shall not mention due to him flirting with my Matsuri.Intense fights galore with shocking plot twists just to keep us entertained.

Well I have many more I want to give mention and pay proper respect.Just for the record 2007 was a great year.Next year well so far looks promising.Suzumiya is back, To Love-ru is coming out, Rosario+Vampire,Code Geass season 2, Minami-ke Okawari , Sayonara Zetsubo sensei season 2…+ alot more.Just so you know I an not a big fan of love tragedy/game adaption anime hence do not be discouraged that Clannad,Myself;Yourself,e~tales of memories,kimikiss and such did not make the list.I acknowledge their quality/awesomeness and popularity but its not everybody’s cup of tea including me.Have a good new year and best wishes.

P.S:Need raw manga….to scanlate…just suggest one with source so I can start getting to work.I think I can get up and running by the end of 2008 if I’m lucky.I’m going for language classes to read japanese kanji(hopefully I learn fast).


2 Responses to “My Picks:Best Animes of 2007”

  1. April 15, 2009 at 4:03 am

    I just love the anime school days, lucky star, and shion-no-oh they are just so fun to watch. But I definitely request that you watch and read ichigo 100%, vampire knight, Alice 19th, moon phase, loveless, death note, hell girl, pitaten, seven of seven, di gi charet, card captor sakura, shugo chara, and ultra cute. I know thousands more but this is the only thing that I can name off the back of my head. Please wright me back X3

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