Hatenkō Yugi episode 1

Another new series I’m watching.I don’t know why this wasn’t subbed sooner though.2 episodes are out in RAW so far.Currently I am still undecided about this.The story is abit fast paced to the extent that I might become a little confusing.I do however agree that long winded and slow introductions can kill a series.Rahzel and Alzeid are a good duo but the third guy that follows them around is irritating since I dunno what purpose he serves as of yet.But I think flashbacks are going to be provided to fill in the blanks in that sense.The sad thing is that it only has 10 episodes….=/ which is strange since the manga adaption (Dazzle) has 10 published volumes already.Another question mark..I also decided not to put a overall summaryspoilers here since it might ruin the show as a whole.

So here are some screenshots from episode 1:

Nice scenes from the opening song which is pretty catchy.So the girl is Rahzel dressed in victorian style traditional white (^.^) holding a teddy bear?Lets just call him Mr.Bear.

So here is the main character’s accomplice in crime lol.Alzeid is well not a good guy by social norms but there is a darker story surrounding his obviously emo look which will be revealed later.Red eyes?Definitely not a pushover.


Dunno who this guy is but he is in the opening song and appears a couple of times in the episode =.=.While he looks like another slave boy to Razhel only time will tell.I’ll call him X for now.Edit:I know his name now –>Heat =D seriously..

“No way…!” that was her last words before being kick out of house and home to go on a journey to nowhere.Poor Mr.Bear..Then we move on to their first adventure!!Which of course I won’t spoil it whether you watched it before or not since I believe the show would be more enjoyable that way.

Nice close up of Rahzel in the ending theme.I think she reminds me of Matsuri from sola?Except not so kindhearted and innocent looking.

As for episode 2 I had negative feedback from it but I’ll have to check it out myself since its just speculation.So I’ll definitely be doing episode 2 also.Based on episode 1 I would expect more fast paced action if a second season is not in the back of their minds.I have seen anime that would otherwise be crap without this so I think its not so bad if that is the case.(Eidt:Okay episode 2 was as good as I hoped.Seems that the rumours were just about the manga being better.No biggie since I havent read the manga yet.)

Rating:8/10 Compared to the other works this season its not amazing but good enough to keep me awake which is a great achievement considering how critical I am with things like this.

p.s as a side note I’m putting off starting scanlation works due to unfavourable circumstances(not enough time mostly).Unless I can find some staff to help but even then its only going to start at best in june if that is the case.


6 Responses to “Hatenkō Yugi episode 1”

  1. 1 blissmo
    January 15, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Well, I’d watch it if there were subs, lol. I read a blog for episode one, and it does sound a little interesting, but not as good as Ghost Hunt. If only there was a second season for that series …

  2. January 15, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Shinsen subs just picked it up a couple of days back and released episode 1.I understand they are also doing ghost hunt.

  3. January 16, 2008 at 2:24 am

    okay thanks for the info!

  4. 4 Ishmoo
    January 30, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Man, this skipped around like a jackrabbit on crack. I’ll give it one last chance with ep 2 but so far I wonder if they’re even trying with this one. They have characters popping up out of nowhere chatting about shopping when we’ve never even seen them before. Who the heck is that and why is he suddenly an errand boy? WTF? The intro of the two main characters is equally perplexing. Hey stange mugger dude that I’ve known for under a minute, wanna be my travel companion? Ok, sure strangly anachronistic chick with a teddy. I find your erratic hyperactive behavior pleasing. Lets be BBF. Let’s hope this improves with the second episode.

  5. 5 Ishmoo
    January 30, 2008 at 3:18 am

    Ok, after watching eps 2 and 3 I still don’t know if I like this anime or not, but I’m confused enough to keep watching. I found ep 3 to be very disturbing despite all the humor. So, is this show really just plain awful, or are they doing this to us on purpose? I honestly can’t tell so I’m gonna keep up with it until I know for sure. Perhaps this is all part of their evil plan after all.

  6. January 30, 2008 at 7:14 am

    well I think the purpose of this series is to promote the manga.Most of the people I ask claim that the manga is much better in all aspects that were obviously lacking in the series.The studio doing the series is clearly just trying to cover as much as they can from the manga.If this was a 26 episode series like for example Ouran Host Club,Nodame Cantible or Lovely Complex, it would have been a decent show.The problem is that “decent” is not good enough these days.Studios look for sure “win” series like the recent Persona:Trinity Soul game adaption.And of course the studio doing the series(Studio Deen) isn’t exactly world renowned as compared to Sunrise or Kyoto animation.Anyway I’ll be doing my long overdue review for the other two soon enough… hopefully.

    p.s thanks for the feedback =D

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