Spice and Wolf episode 2 review

So far its getting better as expected.This episode covers up to chapter 4 volume 1 of the manga.We got to see more character development like how Horo is arrogant,cute,wise and lovable all at the same time.Lawrence is abit of a hot-head,money minded, has little experience with gods in half fox half human form but all in all still a nice guy.

Here is picture summary of what happened since a picture basically paints a thousand words…

“When people speak of Horo the Wise… they talk about Horo-sama’s fluffy tail its none other than myself!” I would have liked to talk about the fluffy tail more..=.=

Horo-sama is passing divine judgement on a flea for drinking from the holy grail.I better think twice before giving her a hug..

*Censored* A conversation between platonic friends in a dark enclosed room on a rainy day.Nothing bad happened although Lawrence had a good view of alot of things.

A lowly potato is causing Horo-sama pain ?! (0.0) ahh how the mighty have fallen.

Truer words have never been spoken….Lawrence is leaning fast about the cunning ways of men =D

“御免なさい ご主人ーさま”(Gomenasai goshujin-sama ../Sorry master..) LOL Okay so that wasn’t what really happened but it would be cool if I heard it that way.Anyway it seems Lawrence has a phobia of wolves(real ones) and well.. got ticked off when Horo talked about it.But how can I not forgive her with those sad droopy ears…so sad.. I forgive you my servant!!

Minor spoiler warning!!All in all the basic idea was to get their first business deal together and go to the next city to meet some scammer.

I loved this episode even better than the previous one.I’m already sold on this series for the rest of the episodes.I can confidently say I would highly recommend this series for those who are looking for a more laid back atmosphere with some pretty informative insights into trade and medival lifestyle e.g:Goat cheese smothered baked potatoes?

Extras:I’ll be doing a special on Moyashimon episode 9 (^^ yea its finally out) maybe tomorrow if I’m not dying yet.Gah!! the SAT test is killing me…X.X


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