Spice and Wolf epi 3

Ahh so this is my review of spice and wolf episode 3.Finally, we are on track since this anime is about trading originally and to be more specific bartering.Basically its explained that Lawrence is like a middle age stockbroker.He buys stuff in one town and sells them in other towns.He makes money on the exchange rate and the varying market price at the different towns.

First off we have a nice port city which I had no intention of remembering the name.While Lawrence’s comment about Horo getting discovered since she is afterall a “god” seemed dumb(who has seen god before anyway..) it might be refering to how most pagan religions describe their gods vividly enough to the extent that everyone has the same physical representation of their god in their minds.


Yea I knew the apples were significant!!Horo was sooo cute looking lustfully at those juicy apples >.<

So they go off to swindle trade with this nice man.Lawrence looks like ha never used any sly tricks to get a good deal before.So pathetic the way he always goes by the book.Horo well…is either a genius or a god.I pick the former since furry gods are inconcievable.I bet she could sell me those apple cores she ate with just a little flick of her tail =.=

I almost forgot about the dumb kid who made them go on this wild goose chase.And I hope I continue to forget about him.

Again with the charm.Money and catgirls…what more can a person need?

NOOO that jerk is messing with Horo!! I was green with envy from the minute he dared to lay his dirty paws on her…the part about doing it yet gave me some interesting ideas ^^

The later events are unimportant to me as I am now fixated on revenge!! against the playboy.Nah just kidding lol.And off they go to confront Zeiren(that bratty merchant) about the phony story.

Next time:Lawrence finally does it!!

Call me biased but the addition of furry animals in any plot hits my weak spot.The cat in bamboo blade was hard enough to resist.So I rated this 10 in my mind but I think an 8.5 would be fair.

So I’m back from the war against the SAT and I might have won? 0.o And also I got a couple of really nice manga(Le. Gardenie.) ,which I didnt expect to find since the author is not japanese, today.I dunno if this can even be called a manga(OEL manga would be better?But hey I dunno if its even serialised in english XD) but I might do a review.Its serialised in mandrin and Malay from what I see.And no.. I do not intend to scanlate it since it cost me money to get them >.< and destroying them would be…..not very nice ^^


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