Moyashimon Full Review(Tales of Agriculture)


Main cast: From left-Oikawa,Mutou,Sawaki Suemon Tadayasu,Prof.Izuki,Hasegawa,Yuuki Kei(not in pic)

Side characters:Mustache man and egg head(I’m too lazy to remember their names anyway) 

So after being able to watch the whole series of moyashimon its about time I just say something about it since its been 2 weeks after they subbed it…All I have to say is >>Amazing<< I guess it lived up to the rating I gave it last year as a top 5 anime although not the best.The story was very original but the series was too short to give a proper satisfying conclusion but its not anybody’s fault since the manga is still ongoing with 4 volumes.Special edition ones are made with 100% recycled materials so that is another plus point.This show has everything except giant robots,ninjas,supernatural soul reapers etc because its based of a seinen manga therefore the story sticks more closely to reality.Ok so like I said its has everything, Educational value,romance,ecchi,comedy,yuri,shounen-ai,slice of life.The problem is that the production crew tried to stuff 4 volumes of manga into 11 episodes(>.<)

Here are the 2 side characters I talked about saving Hasagawa from a yakuza arranged marrige thing.

I think from episode 7 onwads the anime started getting really good.Since by then all the cast are introduced more or less.Soon they started diversifying their storylines.Episode 8 featured what happens when two girls get into it.And it gave me interesting ideas.Now I know why we give girls chocolate and some fruit wine on valentines day^^

Episode 9 featured well more character development for Hasegawa(I now know why she turned into a masochist [T.T]).But the real surprise was “yuu-ki” kei-kun..(the goth loli in the pic) maybe I should show this 男 = male,so we get the picture.

When a boy meets…..

..a goth loli..?

“Why are your eyes so big?” =.= Is that all you have to say…?!

Ahh!! how does that deserve a kiss?!

We later learn about well why he is doing THAT but still its not very convincing.I bet that old man had something to do with this >=(But sure it was shocking.

“Sawaki how dare you do that with another guy!! Its dirty!!”

“Mphpphm” 0.0 Hot yuri action!!!

“There now you’re dirty too!!” “御免…”(Sorry…) Killer technique!!

So the end didn’t seem like an ending since it left me wanting for more.While I have heard rumours about a second season I believe its just speculation since they just released the first vol of the dvd edition in japan just before christmas eve.If these was going to be a sequal its going to be a long long time.Mid 2009 would be an optimistic bet unless the response to the dvd is too hot.

Wee happy microbes!!!So before I round this thing up I would just like to say go watch this if you haven’t because its good for you^^ really.


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