Spice and Wolf 4


You’re welcome XD

Its here and I well it was dramatic but I guess the things that happened this episode had to happen sooner or later.Naturally we see the negotiations with the Milone company go as planned and Lawrence is skipping along and singing his song of happiness =.= without taking into account Horo’s feelings.

Yea this is the branch manager and I still don’t know much besides that he is a money minded “entrapeneur” who cares anyway.So then they both go partying which means drinks for all.

This is why we should never give booze to our pets.

0.0~!!! the moe-ness reading off the charts!!

As we have seen she is in fact a bit of a tsundere while not exactly impossible to befriend(too flirty) she does have a very sensitive side.Mostly due to loneliness,Horo in this episode showed the “human” side of herself(Its the booze!!!).

Hangover already?!How dare she use the sad look against her master >=(

Who said you could take advantage of the situation?! 

Lawrence, I admit was the spitting image of a womaniser with (Code Geass)Lelouch’s voice(KILLER technique!!).But the part about splitting up was a really strange plan.Unless women have absolutely no right in those days I think Horo going to the Milone company for help would be a gamble but at least less people will find out about her secret if she were to be found out.Now we have twice as many people leaning that fox girls are real.

So Lawrence gets flashbacks of all his memories with Horo while getting depressed as Mr.Manager said”Who cares about her? We have our money already.”

Of course while  overall the story is finally going in a positive direction I feel as if a veil of depression is coming soon in future releases.Kinda like Yui’s “Love and truth” single playing behind me right now…man the mood sure is gloomy right now…T.T

Off topic:I’m gonna be very busy this month due to real life hence you guys will not get to see any scans from me just yet..but I have got a nice new “manga viewing” page where it is possible to share manga that I have reviewed.Of course uploading more than a volume of any series would be criminal, so just think of it as a free preview like the ones on tokyopop’s website.


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