Ichinensei ni Nachattara review

I think lately I haven’t been blogging about manga enough.So I think I should do something interesting.Based on my limited japanese the title roughly translates to “If he became a first-grader”.The genre is comedy,lolicon,school life,ecchi(nice..^^).Notice I’m picking up a lolicon series since I have an affection for Moetan(the mahou shoujo in my banner =D).

0002.jpg <<<This is the main character’s profile ^^ichinensei-01_0001.jpg<<This is the nice cover for volume 1

Synopsis + Random thoughts…

Okay,on to the fun part.Its a 2007 series which menas it does not exactly have alot of chapters yet.(=.=)Omg I suddenly remembered that Ai Kora(Another series I follow) has ended already just recently…darn.We’ll discuss that later.The main character is Takakou Lori a potential high school examination entrance exam canidate at the young age of 17.However, tragedy awaits him on the day he finally gets the guts to confess to his long time crush,Mikuru.While saving a young girl from a big road accident he goes “splat” and ends up dead.He is saved by Kusanagi Yume,a peverted lolicon scientist who resurrects him back to life.It kinda resembles Pretty Face(from the creator of MxO) in that sense.And then he is forced to live out his live as a 7-year old first grader while putting up with the harassment from everyone(how can you resist lolis?).At least until he gets back to normal. So far there are 3 scanlated chapters and well its good for a laugh just like Pretty Face was back in those days =D.

Series Stats:

Kazumasa Ooi
Year: 2007
Original Publisher: Houbunsha
Serialized In (magazine)
Manga Time Kirara (Houbunsha)
Oh and I think I’ll put a link here so you guys can preview it and I also included it in my manga viewer page.The link is so that you can view the first chapter without downloading like a slide show since I understand it is a hassle to download.
Rating:3.5/5 So far its too early to tell if this series will go far but so far its not half bad.

1 Response to “Ichinensei ni Nachattara review”

  1. 1 HolyRainz
    March 3, 2008 at 6:57 am

    This manga is currently translating by the scanlator (Taruby),
    Check the website for more information( http://taruby.gamerkun.com/ )

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