Spice And Wolf 5

I know its very late but forgive me >.< since I was eating, drinking and being merry for the lunar new year with not so much the merry.Anyway, I’m staying devoted enough to do episode 5.


Ahem..so we continue from where we left off with Lawrence and the manager talking about how to save Horo.Naturally, its alot about politics and economics bla bla but the main thing is that they(the Milone company) decided to use their inside men and rescue Horo from the Medione company while Mr.Manager rides off to meet with King Toreni and strikes a deal before the Medione company and then negotiate from there since I figure the noblemen at the time were almost as powerful as the church in their own areas.


Okay so they go through some very elaborate steps to get Horo which resemble some kinda spy flick thing.Eventually we see Horo again.*teardrop*


I was mildly confused as to why it wasn’t more emotional and tearjearking when they reunited at first then…YES it is the tsundere-ness of Horo the Wise which strikes again.

“How could you do that to Horo the Wise?!”.The accusations:making Horo-sama crawl in a sewer,making Horo-sama embarassed.disgracing the title “the wise”.I as judge sentence Lawrence to house arrest for emotional and physical damage to a fox girl animals XD

Aww the moe-ness.Lawrence its obviously your fault for being a 馬鹿(dummy).Like Horo said, a real man would bust in the headquarters armed to the teeth to win back his fair maiden.Pathetic Lawrence.Horo why don’t you just dump him and go for someone worthy, like the person typing this review to glorify you ^^

Gasp!! Its Chloe!! Okay I’m bored again So Chloe is the ring leader or middleperson in this fiasco and she totally badmouthed Horo.Blasphemy!!

“What matters is that you’re safe” 0.0 how corny can he get =.= Noo don’t fall for the head pat its your weak point!!

Darn so my hopes for a Horo x me ending is foiled once again.Anyway,they are off to run around and avoid capture long enough for the manager guy to pull off a deal with the king.I must say that scarf look is really irresistable >.> must…look…away.. 

Preview:I have a bad feeling I’m not gonna like episode 6 due to the very emo title…Lawrence better take care of Horo with his life or else.

Another good episode I must say.On the matter of whether I’ll continue to do Hatenko Yugi is uncertain as I am short on time.I’ll check out episode 4 and if its good I might just do a batch review…hopefully.OO and I got a new subbing project.I’m gonna translate Higurashi naku koro ni drama cd with illustrations on my spare time which should be done before the spring season starts.


3 Responses to “Spice And Wolf 5”

  1. February 10, 2008 at 1:59 pm

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  2. February 11, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Thanks, I just pray that no more of these kind comments did not get caught by my malfunctioning spam filter >.<

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