Abridged Series:Yu-gi-Oh parody returns

Arguably the most famous person on youtube  ever in the anime category,Littlekuriboh is back from his real life to bring us more videos of “Yugi-Oh: the abridged series”.Before his short-lived stardom on youtube ended due to youtube being blind to the difference between copyright and fair-use of media and the countless narutards/anime haters who stalked his videos to flag them(as Littlekuriboh(LK) would say:To compensate for the fact that everyone of them has an incredibly small penis).At the height of popularity,it was speculated that even Bill Gates has watched the series.So,you don’t need to be an anime lover to enjoy this.

Anyway,seeing him back, I just remembered how eagerly I awaited for the episodes too be released every fortnight or so to get a good laugh.Since I did watch yugi-oh as a kid, it was fun to remember the old days when kids loved card games instead of their 3G hand-phones.Yu-gi-oh, upon closer inspection was a terribly flawed anime even more than naruto.And LK’s parody series which is loosely based on the English version by 4kids, just proves how ridiculous everything was now that the  series is practically an artifact.4kids’s terrible censoring and illogical dialogues just serve to provide more material to poke fun at.

So now he has released “Yugi-Oh:The other abridged movie”,apparently a very old Yu-gi-Oh movie turned into another piece of comedy genius.


Gary’s an adolescent boy who doesn’t enjoy playing card games. He exists in a world populated by spikey-haired teenagers addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh. As you can imagine, life for Gary is very difficult. Find out just how difficult by watching this brand spanking new (old) movie.

DO NOT WATCH BEFORE YOU READ THE RESTbecause you might go “wtf” and well I don’t wanna piss anybody off.

I would however recommend those who are not familiar with he series to read up abit on the basic plot and basic characters(for the real series) before diving into the the abridged series.All the videos are available on youtube(ignore the naruto abridged series which pops up since its so bad I rather watch pokemon than that) with 26 so far.The jokes range from the American anime industry,anime games,anime references,American and British people’s pop culture,word puns,racism and the list goes on.I personally think that the series got better after the first 10 episodes where all of the “colorful” cast was introduced and LK’s video making skills + voice acting became more skilled.So don’t be put off by the first few episodes(they are only 5 minutes long at first).Those who want to get the latest news and updates can go to yugiohtheabridgedseries.com.


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