Hatenkou yugi 2 + random stuff

Its very late but I always keep my word.Episode 2 featured more of the same from episode 1.As I have came to know this anime is going to be a series of quick adventures which have not much in common other than they happened while Razhel was out on her journey to see  the world.This time we see her in a less than ideal place to be in.We start off with some scenes from a reproduction of the old black and white film style.

We get this string of questions and well…

We get back sarcastic remarks from all of them =.=

“This week’s episode will be brought to you from jail” XD.This is fairly expected since travelling with a robber and a womanising pervert is not exactly the smart thing to do for a teenage girl.

And so we meet the boy who is being chased by the police who apparently has a bad mouth syndrome.But I’m sure in time his mouth will learn that girls want to hear the exact opposite of what he just said.

So the whole lot land in jail for no apparent reason yet other than well the boy is a ‘criminal’ and the other two were technically with him at the time.

I thought about it too =P.Ahh and we finally find Heat.How did he get in here anyway?

“He probably got ripped of by some guy at some shady joint…” sounds predictable and surprisingly belivable.

As we can see doing hard time is not so hard.Its all in the mindset.So later we learn that the boy was trying to kill the warden who killed his father and many others to ease overcrowding in the jail.Strangely its the only jail around and its big business taking in prisoners then killing them off after a couple of days.In the end Alzeid decided that revenge doesn’t sound half bad and they all breakout with relative ease while I was starting agape at how casually it all happened.

Yes its a furry stuffed animal and I cannot resist these little guys.As to why its blindfolded is still a mystery to me.

In a jail?Well I would think its safe to say many fangirls would get nosebleeds just from hearing those words.Apparently Alzeid and Baroqueheat are popular as hell among the anime and manga fans alike with the latter being even more well drawn in the manga.

Bang!!Magic effects time and the and draws near after a big fight scene.The fat guy is the warden and well after some tense moments he survived being killed at the hands of the little bad mouthed boy thanks to Razhel’s speech(full of lies I would say but its better to tell stuff like that to kids than have them face reality)

No, she was refering to me =D .So we end the episode with another happy ending.


Okay since I have also watched episode 3 & 4 already I can say that its not exactly an amazing series compared to all the good stuff out there this season.I labelled this a decent in my review of episode 1 last month and it still is.The problem is that I feel that I would much rather do a series review after its all aired and done as I expect much of the same in later episodes.The isn’t much that studio DEEN can do in 5 more episodes anyway.

Site News:

As of now I’m dropping this from my blogging list although I still watch it, unless anybody is willing to do it for me.I am always open to new staff(co-admin) to help around/share my blog since there is just too much anime/manga out there.Just message me/leave a comment if you are interested and I’ll e-mail you.

Spring is coming (and life isn’t getting any better).so I shall release a provisional list for the spring anime I might watch this year after I do some research.


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