Spice and wolf 6:Wolf and Silent Farewell

Its finally here and I am totally awestruck by its awesomeness ^^.I guess it was worth stalking BSS’s irc channel for the release lolz.So we begin where we left off last time.


Horo and Lawrence were wandering around the various underground tunnels which were built under the town much like the underground tunnels in Paris for instance.Horo somehow senses a disturbance in the air and immediately notices their pursuers.

Indeed,I was half worried for Horo and feeling sorry for those soon to be dead people.

Her bark is worse than her bite.After sending out the hounds to attack Lawrence and Horo,it was plain to see foxgirls always have the upper hand

Lawrence gets ambushed and wounded(not fatally) but enough to make him a walking zombie.It was strange that the attacker said”God please forgive my sins” just before he got beat up.How many times have I heard that before?I think it would be easier if they just shut up since its as clear as day without stating the obvious thank you.

No its not time for the grand ball at cinderella’s castle anytime soon…Horo and Lawrence meet a dead end right below a dried up well.Sitting ducks for their captives,I was on the edge of my seat.

Gasp!! Its that bitch Chloe*darth vader intro* “Lawrence.. you are my son..”*kerrr* NOOOO!! So Chloe gives Lawrence a chance to come to her side before he gets minced to pieces.Apparently,Chloe wants the rights to the wheat trade for the village which includes wheat tariffs.Wheat tarriffs in theory are like the government tax each king places on consumer goods making it harder for the villagers to make a profit.With that out of the way they can sell stuff at the same price without any tax.This means some serious profit $$.

Lawrence finally does something manly:”I have a contract to keep”.For a moment, I acknowledged Lawrence’s presence by Horo’s side.Not any more though.Seeing Horo like a scared kitty was unbearable.Emo attack…But this insane act of courage was short lived as Horo takes center stage to bail Lawrence from impending death.Even in mmorpg’s merchants are always the weakest.Mages RULE!! 

Kyaa!!Luckily it wasn’t a kiss as I feared.You’re not worthy Lawrence.Mada mada dane kono yaro(まだまだ-だね この やろ) So Horo sucks out Lawrence’s blood and as mentioned in episode 1 she transforms into……a…..giant…..fox.Reminds me of a giant cat for some reason =.=

Whoa dont eat the camera there Horo.Its me your no.1 fan.Horo goes on  a rampage and since this is a TV anime series not nearly enough blood to cause any censorship.Several moments of senseless violence later…

Horo takes revenge on Chloe by….messing up he cloak?Is was hoping I would see someone’s head get ripped off but I don’t think excessive blood shed is typical for this type of theme.Thus,Lawrence is saved and for awhile I thought it was farewell to Horo as she trodded off into the darkness leaving Lawrence behind who was screaming”You haven’t paid me back yet!!” lol? nah, I think he was saying “I love you Horo!!” in this heart.Heh nice try Lawrence but you fail again.What is Jun Fukushima’s voice for Lawrence?

Horo leaves after getting help from the Milone company.I was in utter shock and Lawrence was having a hangover XD.Mr.Manager tells about the dealings:nett profit = 240 silver coins =.= since the king charged a heafty contract transfer tariff.To ease Lawrence’s grief abit(probably) Mr’Manager told a dumb story about a merchant who became spicy?Well the story was strange but at least I know what spice refers to now.

Lawrence gets an invoice for stuff he didn’t buy.OMG credit card theft already?! Not quite but Lawrence guesses what or who the culprit might be.Who else orders a few wagons of apples?And now we have a half naked man running around.Fanservice for the ladies no doubt.

I am all too relieved that Horo is back and safe.”Wolf and Spice eh?” remarked the manager.In fact, I think they deserve a standing ovation*applause*OKay so enough of that.


Best episode so far if you want action,drama and suspense.I am looking forward to the next episode from an exceptionally good anime for a light novel based on boring old economics.


 I got my January SAT results just now =/ and well its bitter sweet(2060 on my composite score) i think…now its all up to luck as to if I get an ivy league offer(pray for me please? >.<) since its pretty mediocre for their standards..

In other news, its Valentine’s day AKA Singles Awareness Day.Happy [insert either one] day!!


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