Spice and Wolf 7:Wolf and the Perfect Scales

Greetings.Due to some sick twist of fate I am blogging a non-existent episode or rather its only going to be out in dvd format.Cruel but life is never fair.Do not worry since I shall be doing episode 8 very shortly.

Episode 8 review done please proceed to the post if you were looking for it HERE.Also the title above is for episode 8.Currently,it is unknown what episode 7 is going to be called.DVD release is scheduled for 30th May 2008.

As to why this is a dvd only episode,this person wonders why the whole of episode 1 was not a dvd episode as well since a naked fox girl running around is obviously a non-family type anime.Of course it could just be that they were trying to be different like Suzumiya Haruhi where the episodes left me staring at the screen hopelessly trying to grasp the situation.

Above we see an anime fan insulting the production studio for doing this to the anime community.Of course everyone knows we are powerless before the face of those in charge in this case [the director] who does not bear any resemblance to any historical figure.If any,such an event is pure coincidence.

-Source:www.uncyclopedia.org~spreading lies and untruths to the masses

I shall do a REAL full review for the episode once the dvd is out to replace this.

Okay so we move on to news:

Japanese Anime TV Ranking: February 11–17

1) Sazae-san (20%)

2)Chibi Maruko-chan (15.4%)


4)Crayon Shin-chan (9.6%)

5)Detective Conan (9.2%)

6)Doraemon (9.2%)

7)Pokemon:Diamond and Pearl (7.9%)

8)Gegege no Kitaro(7.2%)

9)One Piece(7.2%)

10)Naruto Shippuden (6.8%)


The numbers represent the percentages of household which watch the shows.I for one feel a strange urge to watch pokemon:diamond and pearl now.


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