Bleach 161

Meh since I’m bored I might as well write about bleach episode 161.It was around this time in the manga where everything was getting good again.The previous fights were okay but got boring at times.

Summary & Comments: 

This time we see Szayel easily pwning Renji right after Rukia got seriously wounded from her fight with arrancar no.9.All I can say about Szayel is that his title “Octava Espada” is the catchiest so far XD.Other than that he is a disgusting freak.

So Szayel apparently knows everything about Renji’s fighting abilities and easily seals Renji’s bankai.Meanwhile,Rukia’s victory has spread to everyone although everyone assumes she is dead.Reason:She was stabbed by a big trident.Flashback:Ichigo was stabbed by Kenpachi and was able to stop his bleeding for a while with his reiatsu.Very dumb reason from the looks of it.

Ichigo finally goes bankai when he meets Uquillora again after he told him that he was the one who forced Inoe to come to hueco mundo.Its also nice to be able too see the faces of the top 3 espada for once in a long time in this episode.I already have a good idea who is no.1 .

Next week promises more action but at the rate the anime is going I am half expecting fillers soon or a break to give Tite Kubo time to get ahead in the manga.Sorry I don’t have the screen-shots up since I don’t exactly blog bleach on a  regular basis.I doubt I will do anymore episodes after this one unless there really isn’t anything else to watch.

Instead of screenshots I’ll just link the video here for those who want a quick look: Bleach 161

Subs by Dattebayo(don’t tell them I gave you this link,don’t do anything “bad” to the video since it might disappear anytime,do not distribute this link on forums,/message-boards etc.).I did not upload it nor have anything to do with the uploader.


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