Spice and Wolf 8:A Wolf and the Perfect Scales

So its finally released with subs.I took the trouble to wake up from my long nap and take the trouble to endure 3 hours of people flooding BSS’s irc channel asking for episode 7(refer to my post on episode 7).So lets get started.I was assured that episode 7 has nothing to do with episode 8 so we shall not worry about it being a dvd episode.

Edit:Just FYI, I  forgot to mention that the title above differs from the fansub I watched.The fansub’s interpretation is incorrect. I read it as “perfect scales” and I crossed checked with Animenewsnetwork(ANN) but BSS listed it as “adjusted”.Don’t tell them this since I understand how unpleasent it is to be told your mistakes especially when you are in a fansub group.

Horo and Lawrence go to a bar in another town,Apparently, beer is getting more expensive since winter is near.And news about the Medioh company spreads fast in these taverns.

In other news, lackoverdose of beer has drived this man insane as he suddenly tries to cosplay as a wolf.

Horo has acquired an addiction to alcohol while Lawrence finally admits his fatal short-coming.Next, the pair leave for a night stroll since bars in this town close early due to the church banning late night partying.What else is there to do back then besides drinking?The small talk then moves on to apples.However,due to the winter , apples are now preserved with honey along with peaches and pears.Lawrence provides a very tasty description of how its done.

Horo finally realises that honey-preserved peaches are the in-thing now and proceeds to drool/stare blankly into space.Wish she would look at me like that..  >.<”

Yes its a new found revelation!! I can’t believe it either!!

So Horo makes Lawrence promise to buy her some(alot) if they see any.The words “for the rich and noblemen” do no carry meaning to Horo and strangely the church discourages selling of these preserved fruits.Living humbly and being sober is the way to God.No way I’m doing that

They’re off to sell the pepper Lawrence bought and I am reminded of my 16th century Europeon history lessons in school.The thing about spices being worth their weight in gold back then was no joke.

Naturally, people always cheat.In this case, the buyer is pretty cunning in using a slanted table which probably would have ripped off Lawrence by 50 silver coins at least.Thanks to Horo as usual,Lawrence and his money are safe.Lawrence bargains with the scammer to pay him to keep his mouth shut with some armor.

Well said Horo.Now if only your other half was the same…

Horo proceeds to “suggest” that Lawrence should buy her some oil(hair gel/hair spray…its a girl thing)

I too don’t know why I have to put at least one of these pictures in every review ❤ Horo.Horo is currently drunk and is wide open.Luckily,Lawrence doesn’t know when to strike.

Gasp!!ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!! Horo does the cute act to seduce Lawrence into buying her things.Sound familiar?

Okay you win Horo just stop attacking my weak point everytime you want something.Lawrence should know better than to bargain with Horo the wise.

Horo and Lawrence set off to the big city(forgot the name >.>) to sell more stuff.Along the way they pass time by talking about tariffs,interest rates etc.One of the topics was smuggling gold and how gold is traded/sold in general around the area.

Step 1:Put a stamp with the words “in the name of God” on the gold bar and poof it doubles in value.People sure were dumb back then.

They then proceed to take a detour once they were warned that a band of mercenaries were rampaging ahead.The detour is apparently haunted by a witch who commands wolves.Scary right?


Finally the witch turns out to be a cute girl who commands sheep.. =.= (wth?!) This is why you can’t believe things you hear in a bar.Lawrence instantly get smitten by her (stares at her) while Horo looks on.Shepards and wolves do not mix.


Dunno if it was worth 3 hours of downloading but the new character introduced has tweaked my interest as to who exactly is she.Not as action oriented as episode 6 but just as good.On episode 7,apparently Spicy Wolf is a big hit in Japan and the studio is cashing in by making episode 7 a special one and causing alot of confusion.Prepare to fork out 6000yen for the episode if anybody is interested.

p.s currently my spam filter is malfunctioning,don’t worry if your comment is not there.I’ll manually unblock it and get back to you asap unless you are a lowlife spammer.


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