Spice and Wolf 9:Wolf and Shepherd’s Lambs

“Of course!!” thought Lawrence as he is yet again blessed with good fortune.This time he meets up with a Shepherd girl who is apparently a witch.I guess it will be revealed as to why she is thought of in this manner while she obviously contradicts all this negative rumours with her umm appeal?And no Lawrence did not rent himself another wife/prostitute if you were wondering.I thought the exact same thing XD.She asked to be hired as an escort for them to Rubenhigen.

Yea right and the world is still flat.O wait Copernicus probably hasn’t spread his theory about it yet…hmm but still very suspicious of him.Lawrence proceeds to ask Horo’s opinion.Taking a second/third(if you count Chloe) is a big decision after all.

OMG he is such a sneaky bastard!!Lawrence finally proves his prowess in sweet-talk.And Horo is forced to agree to have Nora(the girl) be the escort for some cash of course.They set off and Nora reveal she was actually feeling lonely since she just wanted someone to talk to.People can’t talk with dogs,said Horo the wise.

Lawrence gets  a little too haughty and is immediately punished by Horo.

No they aren’t going to do that already…Lawrence has a long chat with Nora and she reveals pretty much how she ended up a shepherd.She is aspiring to be a tailor and doing this side job is a means to fulfil her dream.Hopefully,Lawrence is not in the equation.But he does offer to introduce her to some merchants he knows to get her started.

We are constantly reminded of Horo-sama’s tail and I too now feel as though they are two separate entities =P.Horo,while not revealing too much emotion, is a little envious IMO.Having a second wife must be tough for her.My suggestion:Divorce  

Grr Horo attack!!Horo steals Lawrence’s beef jerky as another form of divine retribution.She figures that it was only for two days so she shouldn’t get so worked up.

Okay now Lawrence is just talking bullshit here.Nora,not to mention Horo, better not be that dumb to fall for this womanising monster.

They reach Rubenhigen and according to the deal Lawrence was supposed to give food in return for Horo’s services.They go through various check points as well as pay tax/tariffs to enter the city.Apparently,there is something wrong with armor from Polson where Lawrence got/swindled his armor from.My guess is that its been severely devalued due to some reason.Nora returns to the church who is also her employer and guardian.But I have a bad feeling that its going to be another revelation in the next episode as this girl is shrouded in mystery.

Boy bands were invented back then.Here we have a group of men who were the early pioneers in their trade.”We modelled ourselves after the Back-street Boys but we chose to be straight unlike them”said one of the clowns.

Beer is addicting and is costing Lawrence alot.They go off to have a good time around the town(=.= date?) before going to the Merchant’s Guild where Lawrence grew up.

An emotional reunion with his dad.Not really but he is an old friend.

Ahh I see,he was lucky Horo stayed outside.Lawrence as we see is just a boy in a man’s body.Thank God since I know he won’t be trying anything “funny” on Horo anytime soon.

Comments: A good set-up episode for the big surprise in the next episode and the series should be complete with the ending of the Shepard girl arc which is in volume 2 of the manga.

I’ll be really busy in March and this weekend too but I’ll try to keep up with all the series I’m watching(my head hurts just from imagining the number of anime I need to catch up on X.X)

p.s HAPPY FEBURARY 29th !!! This day comes once in 4 years!!Do something now to celebrate it!!


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