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Ichinensei ni Nachattara:Chapter 6

Its so not fair that spring breaks comes after exams…but luckily I’m not stressing too much over it yet XD.But to relax I’m talking about one of my umm what should I call it?Interesting mangas.Apparently there are lots of lolicons out there and I’m afraid I’ll be one of them soon*slaps face*no I won’t be one of them!!Fight the power!!


 When he met the 6th Graders Continue reading ‘Ichinensei ni Nachattara:Chapter 6’


Spice and Wolf 13(END):Wolf and New Journey

Its sad that winter 冬 is over and spring 春 is here or is it the other way around for you guys?Anyway its the end of spicy wolf..actually it ended on Tuesday.In this final episode we see Lawrence bruised and battered in his desperate attempt to save Nora.

Lawrence burns the ropes on his wrist with the fire he started earlier and heads off like a madman in search of women Horo and Nora. Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 13(END):Wolf and New Journey’


Spring Anime:mini preview

Next month is finally the start of the new anime season.My poor health has left me depressed these few days so I thought I should just write something to feel better.These are the anime I might blog/watch next month.


One might wonder what anime might replace Spice and Wolf now that the final episode is due out on Tuesday.I think this Continue reading ‘Spring Anime:mini preview’


Spice and wolf 12:Wolf and a Group of Youngsters

First off I feel relieved and in pain at the same time.The reason for the former being that nothing horrible happened to Horo yet this episode but I am suffering from a mild flu (X_X) Anyway,back to spicy wolf.

Say what?!(0.o)?

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Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan


Lawrence goes on begging for money in the streets of Rubenheigen.Not seeming as distressed as he was before,he looks resigned to the fact that he will become a bankrupt the day after tomorrow.He does however manage to gather 3 Rumiones of which he well….considered to use as gambling money.But realising that gambling is never statistically favourable he leaves the money with Horo and says his goodbye after apologising for his outburst previously.  Continue reading ‘Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan’


New manga:Nurarihyon no Mago (Shounen Jump)


Okay this is a new manga which is serialised in the Weekly Shounen Jump(Shueisha) in Japan and I’ll be doing the first chapter which is a heavy 55 pages long.The one-shot is already scanlated by Boredom and while I cannot guarantee I can finish before anybody else I should at least explain why I’m sort of inactive these days.SO these few days will be mostly spent cleaning up manga raws while I will still blog spice and wolf + minami-ke okawari starting episode 10.

And if anybody wants to help I’m still open to it but knowledge of photoshop is a must.And also I am still thinking about the name of my scanlation group.You can suggest some names and I’ll be sure to credit you if I use it.

Update:Chapter 2 released.Chapter 3 & 4 done by NKS


Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples

I felt its high time I said something about this given that I was a mindless follower of the series last year and still a casual watcher of the second season.After weeks of thought about regarding why the first season was so amazing and why the second season okawari was mediocre compared to the comedy genius depicted previously.Both came from the same manga yet have different comedic effects.I have drawn the conclusion that it was entirely the animation studio’s brilliant script editing rather than the manga itself being mediocre which was the reason behind its success. Continue reading ‘Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples’