Mai-Otome manga review

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Since I was reminded about mai-otome when the ova of the prequel came out, I figured that I should say something about the manga.I found it a long time ago while hunting for manga and I was skeptical at first if the story was going to keep my interest since I don’t really get sci-fi/fantasy manga that much.But I was surprised.Great artwork.One of the best I have seen in a long time.The characters are lovable once you get to know them.But the main draw I saw was the romance.The constant conflict between duty and love between the characters(sometimes in a wrong way) was the thing that kept my interest.

The sequel Mai-otome Arashi was a nicely done sequel while more geared to fansercive and humour.I did find the ridiculous amount of fanservice a little unsettling but I got used to it fast.It was probably one of the reasons why the anime got butchered to the point of removing much of these scenery and focusing more on the fights.Prime-time anime don’t do ecchi or blood or anything that confuses children.Anyway coupled with imo not top class animation,the anime paled in comparison.

Story summary:

While the main character(not known what his real name is) is a boy,he enrolls into Gauderobe as the last heir to the Windbloom throne,Mashiro hime.He is an orphan and often bullied but was saved by Sergei,Wind’s prime minister.He meets up with Akira and Nina,two coral otome, who are to escort him.Life in Gauderobe is tough and the country is in a state of unrest due to the threat of Shwartz(spelling?),a group bent on destroying otome with black science.Trouble looms as each day pass and leads to a siege of battles and diabolical schemes.

The manga had lots of comedy to lighten up the serious atmosphere every now and then.Anyway,while it was not the best I have read it was a little rushed and I felt it was lacking some extra-character development somewhere.Especially, with the real Mashiro Hime who I still don’t know much about her past.I also appreciated the lengthy explanations on what was happening at the start of each chapter to make the readers understand what exactly was happening.At times the panels were too crowded due to the author fitting in too much in a page.

Overall,I would suggest one to read at least 10 chapters before deciding if its worth reading.

As for manga,I am currently working on a review for a couple of manga which are to be made into anime this year(possibly in summer/fall).Both of them feature fox girls ^^ just like spice and wolf which I am blogging now.I am also currently working on my photoshop skills to prepare to release my first scanlated manga.Problem is, one chapter is 30 pages…and yea its crazy since my finals are in 3 weeks >.< THE PAIN!!

Also, I have gotten the pleasure to meet a Dattebayo fansubber recently in REAL LIFE.Pleasant surprise right?I am pleased to say that they are working on the Bleach:the diamond dust rebellion and its going to be released sooner or later.I from what I asked it seems that they are in the midst of translating it.


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