Spice and Wolf 10:A Wolf and a Whirling Conspiracy

This was one of the big turning points of the series when we are finally shown how all the events in the past few episodes tie up.While I still have a few more questions, I assume they will be answered soon.


This “happy” scene is a far cry from what was to come.

The episode started on a bad feel as Lawrence is attempting to sell the  armor he bought which has been rendered worthless due to the sharp drop in demand for these supplies.In the past, Rubinheigen had a yearly military expedition during winter in a show their military might and as part of their plans to subjugate the heretical northern towns where Horo came from.Thats why we see everybody talking about God in Rubenheigen.Its just for show actually in those days.


Lawrence talking about meat pies when he should be selling armor.When will he mature?

Currently,Rubenheigen is suffering from political turmoil and the mercenaries from the north are taking advantage by pillaging villages which is why Lawrence took a detour.

So the guy he thought he conned, conned him back? Sweet… 

Translates to  47.75 gold pieces = Lawrence’s nett worth

0.o?Wow its so easy to get hitched back then… 

Mmm I’m to depressed to get pissed from hearing that now… 

Anyway,Lawrence bought the stuff on a loan and hence needs to pay back his debt in 2 days before he is declared bankrupt.


Lawrence is left in a pinch since his merchant guild won’t clear his debts for him since  he did this to himself for being greedy according to the head.Bankruptcy would mean the end of the road for the Lawrence X Horo relationship.Lawrence would get sold as a slave.Everything he owns is reclaimed.His hair is shaved and sold to make wigs.His teeth are plucked out to  make false teeth for old people.He will be destined to work as a miner and die from lung disease(tuberculosis etc.) in a couple of years.If he is lucky he will work as an oarsman and suffer permanent physical damage(crippled for life) due to the strain the job puts on his body. Basically, he is in deep shit.

Yea… and how do you explain the fact that nobody lent you anything?

 However, Horo sticks by him and I really suspect she has feelings for him(seriously I’m not joking this time).Facing a fate worse than death,Lawrence gets a mental breakdown after he is unable to borrow any money from his acquaintances to pay off his debt.

This is where it gets really sad.I don’t know why but I just got really sad after watching this part.

Isn’t it obvious Lawrence?Look in a mirror. 


Lawrence makes the biggest mistake of his short life yet by pushing away Horo when she clearly only wants to help.Horo walks away leaving Lawrence behind in the twilight.I must say this episode really left me all emo.So much that I did not have the mood to write in my usual manner and I know it.All the things about the slavery and Rubenheigen are true since its from the novel(credits to Ayako fansubs for the informative tidbit from the light novel.


Sorry about not including much Horo humour this time around.I’m just really worn out today.I’ll be slowing down the posting for abit until my exams are over but I’ll try to update my manga page…hopefully.As for which series I will be blogging for next season,I already have a provisional list but I’ll just do a first impression review for around half of what is coming out in April and pick a couple to blog consistently.Just a side note, my blog finally broke into the top 1 million in the internet ranking thingy and I’d like to thank my readers including you for taking the time to read my rantings and put up with my mood swings =)


5 Responses to “Spice and Wolf 10:A Wolf and a Whirling Conspiracy”

  1. 1 Ryunatta
    March 13, 2008 at 3:28 am

    Thank you soo much for doing this i was really at a lost till the subs came around XD

  2. March 13, 2008 at 3:44 am

    Thanks I’ll post episode 11 in a few hours time too. =D

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    at http://xrl.us/ouog6

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