Minami-ke:Okawari + My new scanlation group with samples

I felt its high time I said something about this given that I was a mindless follower of the series last year and still a casual watcher of the second season.After weeks of thought about regarding why the first season was so amazing and why the second season okawari was mediocre compared to the comedy genius depicted previously.Both came from the same manga yet have different comedic effects.I have drawn the conclusion that it was entirely the animation studio’s brilliant script editing rather than the manga itself being mediocre which was the reason behind its success.

For one thing,it compressed 2 to 3 chapters of the manga into small segments of episodes and shuffled it about for a heightened randomness.The characters were ingeniously portrayed with extra add on including references to the popular reality TV series 24 for example.Up until now I have quietly accepted this fact but after watching episode 9 of  Okawari I suddenly realised that this was what I was hoping for all this time.What is THIS?Amazingly the episode consisted of 2 entirely different segments(although the latter was extremely short) and had totally random elements during the episode akin to the first season.Apart from Chiaki’s indifferent watch anime 3 metres from the TV bla bla,it was very reminiscent of season 1 and I actually laughed (O.O)I know I know.You made me read all this for that?!But God I just had to say this before I explode (X.X)

Also I have decided to do episode reviews for this until the spring season starts.I have my eye on Kanakon and Wagaya Midnight although its yet to be confirmed when both of them are out but I am keeping my fingers crossed.Why?!What about Code Geass R2?!Suzumiya S2?!Yes I’ll watch them too but whether I can bring myself to review them is another thing.

 Next I am pleased to announced that I have formed my scanlation group with me as supreme dictator overlord, translator,editor,cleaner,proofreader and raw provider.Having said that it is still unclear as to what this group is going to be called as it is technically a party of one for now.So here is a sample of my work although I was lazy to clean up the text/background and I was unsure whether I was translating right.This is my version of MxO chapter 90 which came out in raw.I did compare my translations with others and yes I realised that I still have a long way to go(mada mada dane…)I have noticed some mistakes here but its a learning process.


Just so you know I’m not planning to release anything until I am sure about the quality.I am also searching for titles to do while I do have raws to a few series.SO I am recruiting anybody now.Anybody!! As long as you aren’t a con artist and can speak English.

Updates:I have found a new series to try out.With the first release(Chapter 1A) tentatively planned for mid April.Until then I am still searching for reliable translators(japanese-highest priority),cleaners,editors etc. And even raw providers.So far I am commited to release this no matter what.Even if a another scanlation group does it.Even if my version sucks in comparison to whoever’s version.I’ll announce my group’s name by then.


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