Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan


Lawrence goes on begging for money in the streets of Rubenheigen.Not seeming as distressed as he was before,he looks resigned to the fact that he will become a bankrupt the day after tomorrow.He does however manage to gather 3 Rumiones of which he well….considered to use as gambling money.But realising that gambling is never statistically favourable he leaves the money with Horo and says his goodbye after apologising for his outburst previously. 


Horo gets a tantrum after Lawrence leaves and sternly directs him to return.Horo proceeds to give a long winded lecture about Lawrence’s lack of guts and being a total “softie”.


Nooo I can never blame you Horo!! =X This scene almost left me in tears.For once Lawrence did something right although…


Okay Lawrence back off.Things get mushy for a while and I am unsure as to whether romance is feasible in this anime since well one of them is a fox deity and the other is a…hopeless fool?


Aww it was cute to see Horo actually ask for a hug.I guess all women have that ideal guy in their heads but re to shy to really tell the guy what they want.As such Horo has easily broken the invisible wall of misunderstanding between men and women.Sort of.


I just hope its not you.Anyway Lawrence follows Horo’s plan to get him out of debt which involves life threatening consequences again.He proposes the scheme to the guy he owes money to.Apparently,since both of them are going bankrupt the deal was easy to strike.Lawrence proposes to use someone close to the church to get by.


Yup.Where does he get that blind confidence from?Anyway,its off to swindle..I mean “talk” to Nora the cute sheperd girl.I still disagree to Nora’s association with Lawrence due to his wild imagination.


=.= I have nothing to say…But somehow Nora looks more radiant than before.Indeed, she is as pure as a saint.The church suspects Nora of witchcraft and black magic.Thus;they send her to herd sheep in dangerous territory to kill her off.She was about to be sent to Ramtra if I am not mistaken and right into a band of ruthless mercenaries.


NOOOOO!! Somehow I felt Nora’s spirit to break free from the church and start over and I have new found respect for her.And its only been what?3 episodes since she was introduced.Lawrence well….lets say guys are always oblivious.


Well said Horo the wise.Gambatte Nora-san!!(^o^)


No its not what you think!!What?! I didn’t say anything (>.>).So its all systems go as we head to the exciting climax to Spicy Wolf.

Comments:Good as always and it was worth all they typing.I am like most people I am sure,dying for a sequel since the light novel is still ongoing.OO and I am still searching for crew for my scanlation group as well as looking for a cool name for it.Any ideas?


4 Responses to “Spice And Wolf 11:A Wolf and the Greatest Secret Plan”

  1. 1 FlareKnight
    March 13, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Not a bad episode at all. Poor Horo being so angry at herself for what happened and then at Lawrence for not being equally upset. Nice how the two resolved things. Though Horo might want to avoid using chairs as weapons when she is upset.

    A nice job by Horo getting things out there. The truth is not the right thing for that situation. Even going to reset the scene so Lawrence can say things the way she wants. Leaves you with a little laugh that she had to cue him to hug her as well.

    In terms of relationship feasibility. Can be simplified to two sentient beings that care about each other. Sure one is a human guy that gets himself into trouble. Other is a wolf that has evolved to that level of intelligence and being able to go from human to wolf. Few more things to get past than the average couple, but honestly wouldn’t put it past them.

    Nora is pretty impressive though. Girl gives that impression of being not that sharp and weak. But really under it all she is a strong person that knows her situation is bad and is willing to put her life on the line to get the future she wants.

  2. March 14, 2008 at 1:03 am

    True but the question mark over their relationship is still hanging.For one thing Horo has lived for hundreds of years and even if love develops in the end it will certainly mean that Lawrence will be the one who bites the dust first leaving Horo all alone again.Horo also did mention another “fool”,probably the person who asked her to ripen the wheat.From what I infer it was probably a bitter sweet memory since people don’t live very long.Perhaps that is why she is reluctant to get too close to Lawrence while still keeping him close enough to comfort her.Anyway thanks for the feedback. =)

  3. 3 FlareKnight
    March 14, 2008 at 6:39 am

    Well a good point made with the life span situation. Though that doesn’t really stop people. Unless you’ve got a strange situation one person in a relationship is going to go before the other. Just in Horo’s case it would be a much longer time. But yeah it would be a tough thing that would need to be considered.

    Though if she does care better to enjoy the time you have. She would know from the past with humans only living so long that worrying about that won’t help you. At this point she does care about Lawrence on whatever level can be confirmed later. So when he is gone its going to hurt anyways. Although could be trying to keep it at a certain distance to try and limit the pain that would come later.

    It’s a tough situation with some serious problems like that to consider. At least she is heading North so regardless shouldn’t be ‘alone’ again. But can’t ever predict the future so won’t say for certain what would happen down the line.

  4. March 14, 2008 at 8:56 am

    Agreed and yet the fact that any satisfying conclusion to the HoroxLawrence relationship is unlikely since the lightnovel is still ongoing, leaves a sad note on this otherwise great series unless they are not planning on making a sequel in the future.

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