Spice and wolf 12:Wolf and a Group of Youngsters

First off I feel relieved and in pain at the same time.The reason for the former being that nothing horrible happened to Horo yet this episode but I am suffering from a mild flu (X_X) Anyway,back to spicy wolf.

Say what?!(0.o)?

Aside from the pathetic idiom,Lawrence and co. are getting ready to leave for Ramtra with Nora guiding them.A representative from the company is supposed to purchase the gold and the others are to guard him.

Yes I still don’t know why…

The mood is pretty upbeat along the way and Lawrence is worried for Nora’s sake since she is the one who has the most to lose here.

That would explain everything!!! But seriously,the heart to heart talk with Nora was enjoyable although nothing actually happened.The other guy went to town to buy the gold and they set off on their merry way as if this was a piece of cake.

Finally some real wolves!!!No offence Horo but I still see you as more of a cosplaying maid XD.

The group is stalked by a pack of wolves who don’t howl?!Horo seems to know something but keeps it from the others and me to build some suspense.

(>.<) Y-Yes Horo-sama!A lone wolf breaks off from the pack to attack the group.Thanks to the evil glare Lawrence is saved again.

OMG a giant wolf!!Meh boring…seen it in episode 6 already.But now I know what the thing in the opening song was now.Horo commented that this may be some new pagan wolf God who probably hasn’t mastered its human from yet.Wonder if its a girl wolf 0.o?

And leave the rest to Lawrenceand Horo.Actually Lawrence’s job was to run away.Sorry about my mistake.

Gah!! What are these blasphemous words I’m hearing!?It must be this flu I’m having…..*pretends it never happened*

OO hey stop thinking that!!!You too Lawrence!!Have some decency please.

Horo meets the big wolf and well it got cut off at the good part.

Lawrence is captured by the Remerio company.Apparently they want to kill off the witnesses and Nora is next.Lawrence is tied up and left to the wolves.Actually I’m more worried about Nora-chan at this point.Poor girl…


Hmm a grown man crying…I think this says it all.Next episode is the finale and the end of this story arc and the first season(hopefully there is more).Judging by the title there is hope for another season since its pretty open ended.I guess you could say this episode is the most action packed since episode 6 but I’m more concerned that spicy wolf is about to end and this headache I’m having.


About the scanlation group I formed.I AM LOOKING FOR CLEANERS!!I am working on Nurarhyon no Mago but since the raws for chapter one are in very bad shape I don’t think its possible for me to release it.However the raws for chapter 2 are slightly better and its making some progress.But to speed up my first release I need help.



1.Knows how to use window’s paint at least.

2.Doesn’t mind cleaning up text and smudges for a couple hours at a time.

3.Has free time.

4.Online regularly.MSN chat is a possible mode of communication.

Benefits:You become the second in command and do less work than me,you get the some credit as me for the editing if you want.Flexible work hours.No obligation to stay.Training is provided for those who also want to learn how to edit manga and stuff.

Just leave a comment below if you are interested in the job and I’ll contact you.


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