Spice and Wolf 13(END):Wolf and New Journey

Its sad that winter 冬 is over and spring 春 is here or is it the other way around for you guys?Anyway its the end of spicy wolf..actually it ended on Tuesday.In this final episode we see Lawrence bruised and battered in his desperate attempt to save Nora.

Lawrence burns the ropes on his wrist with the fire he started earlier and heads off like a madman in search of women Horo and Nora.

To tell the truth Lawrence actually protecting Horo’s chlothes was typical of him so not much surprise there.Lawrence begs Horo to save Nora but the fact that Horo is a wolf and Nora is a shepherd cannot change and a battle is bound to arise.


Horo vs Nora !! Who to support?!

Oo..I almost forgot about the other giant wolf.My guess is Horo killed it off considering how she said that she let nature take its course.Finally Lawrence strikes a deal involving preserved peaches and such.

I always wondered why nothing is ever censored here..but hey I’m not complaning ^^


Lawrence gets a free piggyback ride and zooms off to kill people err save Nora.

Yes with the finest swords in ye old days!!Excalibur I call upon thee!! LoL sorry about that.I just found it a little pointless to talk about their weapons since well we all know who is going to win. 

The ensuing fight was dramatic but nothing out of the ordinary.How can anybody who is 3-stories tall lose?

貴方幽霊じゃありませんね?Just practising my japanese =P
After a slow motion matrix scene Lawrence err what did he do during the fight?Oo right..he watched.


Horo beats the stuffing out of Liebert for betraying them.Apparently the company never had enough funds to buy enough gold to make any profit if they agreed to give Lawrence the payment he wanted so killing him is the next best thing.But in the end Lawrence does the mafia thing by using intimidation and threats to solve everything.So now he is 500 ruminoes richer which will be paid over 10 years.

Ahh economics!!The science of money.How can you not like money?


Lawrence returns to his “dad”.Heart warming I’m sure..


Horo he’s a merchant.He’s like a politician’s other half.

Horo and Lawrence spend some time alone and Horo asked an important question.”Whose name did you call when you wanted to stop Nora and me from fighting just now?”Lawrence:Horo of  course!! Because…”The following pictures describe what happened in glorious detail.


=3 So cute…

Not a very plot heavy episoe but afterwards Nora and Lawrence have to say their goodbyes and go their seperate ways.


Gah !!何お為るの、馬鹿やろ!?(What are you doing you dumbass!!)

Too bad Lawrence I think she liked you.The episode ended like how it started with a soulful performance of Tabi no Tochuu.(T.T) so sad..


I can’t think…my head hurts.But I guess its been a nice series but that was mostly due to Horo.While a second season is feasible, all I can do is wait and hope.I must say that I enjoy series like these,probably due to age catching up on me I guess my tastes have matured abit.To send it off lets have a shout “Spicy wolf BANZAI!!”.LoL

Update:Okay now that I feel better I can pass a more satisfying judgement on this series.I for one think it was one of the few anime this season which I felt comfortable blogging.There was a very warm atmosphere throughout the series which after a long day at school is always a welcome sight.More so I enjoyed all the bits about economics and what not since its nice to see real life elements being introduced.On the animation quality,it was good but nothing spectacular.In the end I admit that this anime will probably be forgotten in a few years time,but I was grateful for all the times it gave me a little grin(Horo mostly).On the downside,I’d say this anime lacks the killing factor that really pulls in the crowds like Code Geass’s insane plot twists or Lucky Star’s mindless random happenings.I could also argue that the fact that there were very few worthwhile series to watch for me to watch this winter also played a part in the reason I only bloged this exclusively.To be fair I’ll rate this as a solid 8/10.

I also bet you wonder why my head hurts.Math + Test = Pain.That aside,I am also writing for Yukan Blog(a cool new anime blog) next month for the new anime season besides writing here because I felt like it XD.But seriously no matter how much this blog is about anime its just a blog about my hobbies which happens to be anime and manga.Ahh and I’ll be releasing my first scanlated manga chapter soon..maybe just see how good my editing is.So be sure to critisize  err give helpful feedback.I’ll be skipping chapters(2,4,6,9…etc) since I can’t keep releasing a chapter a week due to lack of staff.I’ll also look into scanlating more titles just for the experience.Thanks for reading ^^


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