Ichinensei ni Nachattara:Chapter 6

Its so not fair that spring breaks comes after exams…but luckily I’m not stressing too much over it yet XD.But to relax I’m talking about one of my umm what should I call it?Interesting mangas.Apparently there are lots of lolicons out there and I’m afraid I’ll be one of them soon*slaps face*no I won’t be one of them!!Fight the power!!


 When he met the 6th Graders


In chapter 6 we see Lori reuniting with his younger/older sister.He recalls how they separated when his parents divorced.Ion,his sister,was a first grader back then and I guess cuteness runs in the family(pic above).Today,the sixth graders are coming over to have a play session with the first graders.I wonder why I didn’t  see any 6th grader guys 0.o?No complaints here though.


Before class starts Lori finds himself being  violated yet again from both sides of the spectrum.The thing with lolis is that there is nothing to see but its as if there was something worthwhile to see.Very abstract I must say.

ichinensei-01_0139.png ichinensei-01_0140.png  A great reunion!!And yes I was looking at that (>.>).What are they teaching kids nowadays?

ichinensei-01_0145.pngLori is worried about the one in a million chance that his sister might realise that her brother is in such a sorry state and proceeds to go pee.More harassment on the way ^^

ichinensei-01_0147.pngYume had labelled Lories panties with her name and well the cat is out of the bag.Naturally,Ion just assumes she has the same name as her bro.But…yea when will the torture end…

In the end Ion is still only 12 so she isn’t really alot more mature than a kid.Only one more chapter until volume 1 is finished.Knowing that the series isn’t serialised weekly but monthly…it’ll be another year until volume 2 comes out.(T.T)By then I hope to cure my fascination with lolis.


My own scanlation group is opening on thursday with its first release so get ready for some beer and confetti.I’m still looking for part time helpers on the project to speed things up if necessary.Check out the jun-chan scans page for further details and updates.Until then I’ll be busy with the exams and stuff (=.=)”


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