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Mx0 to End soon

“The usual Jump insider on 2ch has revealed that Mx0 will end soon in the coming issues. I don’t post about comics getting cut from Jump, but I liked Mx0 so I’m posting about it! Man I thought it would survive a little longer. Also getting cut from Jump are Poseidon and Hatsukoi gentei”
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This has to be the worst news since they announced that bleach was going back to stupid fillers.The only thing worse about this is that I only knew about it today.Yasuhiro Kano,the man resposible for inspiring me to read ecchi manga for many many years has got to be the most unlucky person on earth.This last work,Pretty Face,was cancelled prematurely after a year.The problem was,I loved every single chapter of his works.I love his art style,I love his sense of humour and his erotic tastes depicted in his manga.

The good news is that its going to be a few more chapters before the end,but I just hope he gets back on his feet after this devastating news to bring us more of his works soon.


Wagaya no Oinari-sama 3 ~Kuu goes to school~


This time Kuu-chan goes to school.Today the spring term starts and the Takagami brothers have to go to school.Tohru has to go to his opening ceremony and Kuu is curious about what exactly is this “school”.Tohru’s explanation was pretty vague thus it only raised more questions. Continue reading ‘Wagaya no Oinari-sama 3 ~Kuu goes to school~’


Nurarihyon no Mago- Chapter 7

Here is my second ever release from my scanlation group =D.As for the next one…it depends on how I feel.If I’m feeling lazy then too bad.Currently I don’t have fixed project but I’ll continue to pick whatever I like.And the quality is improved significantly,but don’t expect HQ releases anytime soon because its TOO MUCH WORK!!


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Update:Yea I decided to do chapter 8 too because I thought it would be fun.I might be proven wrong.


Soul Eater – 3 ~Death The Kid~

I’d have to say this was the best out of the three prologues.Death the Kid was spot on in everything he did.Perfect symmetry XD.Episode 3 featured shinigami-sama’s son who is apparently not a student at the academy and doesn’t need to collect souls since his dad could just give him his own weapons I guess.

Continue reading ‘Soul Eater – 3 ~Death The Kid~’


Forever We Can Make It – THYME ~To Love-Ru~

I wonder how I missed this one but I just noticed the mp3 is available now so I took the liberty to download it and I like what I hear.The full version is just as up beat as the TV version so I have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.Speaking of which I had the urge to upload it so you guys can download it to save you guys the hassle.Download it HERE

Another thing that happened today was the attack of the common cold,hence I’m on my death-bed XD but I’ll rise from the ashes and be back kicking in the morning..or the next morning.


Wagaya no Oinarisama – 2


This is the best thing since Inuyasha~!!…Not really, since I got sick of Inuyasha after like 10 episodes for some reason and Inu means dog which is nothing like a fox.Pff how can a lowly dog compare to my fox girl?NO WAY that’s gonna happen!!This time we see Tenko adjust to life in the modern world. Continue reading ‘Wagaya no Oinarisama – 2’


Soul Eater – 2 ~Black Star~

Another really cool episode,it seems I might have a new show that can actually replace bleach at least for a year.This episode focuses on introducing Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki.Black Star,I’ll just call him Black,is seriously the most idiotic but like-able person I’ve seen in a while. Continue reading ‘Soul Eater – 2 ~Black Star~’