Caramelldansen Pangya !!

I was browsing random videos and then…When the two things I like are put together it becomes this———-Carameldanzen pangya (o.o)!!

What is it?Well carameldanzen is a cultural phenomenon with a swedish band’s song as the music and a addictive neko dance as the background (^.^).Its been adapted into countless anime.What is pangya? Its a game I play on my free time which is in its 4th year of business.Yay!!Actually, its a golf simulation game with anime like characters as players which I of course love <3. The taller girl is umm most people know her as Hana and the loli is Kooh.I can’t say which one is better though.Kooh is of course veeery adorable but I had Hana as my main for a long time…its like we’re engaged or something XD

This is how people play(some poeple)…me well I can’t say I always play like that but I could have if I tried hard enough,,,but never did.

Pangya’s connection with anime also spawned some wierd but funny spoofs including my fav and recently made spice and wolf cosplay parody by Arin.


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