Fanservice a dying breed!?

Is this explicit?

I was going over some of my recent screenshots when the most unreasonable thing happened.Some idiot on photobucket somehow managed to see my screenshot of Lala’s(To Love-Ru) boobs and they DELETED it because it was deemed sexually explicit.GOD I’m so pissed off now.I mean its just anime for goodness sake.And I can’t really see anything good thanks to the guys hands blocking it all.If the image is gone now then it must be imageshack’s doing.If so then they have faggots running around there too.Girls are excused from all this.

Also I was also pissed at every faggot(many faggots to be exact) that blatantly insulted To Love-Ru because “fanservice sucks”.I was restraining myself from flaming them just because I was being patient.But I gotta let off some steam here.I’m mean I get it if girls don’t really go for it but now its GUYS.Yes guys.Half of them don’t like it.They claim its “stupid”.When were the days when guys actually liked this.Girls Bravo,Love Hina,EVEN Chobits!!!!These were the shows I grew up with when I was a kid.And I say that the fanserivice only served as a tool to lighten up the atmosphere.Its nothing wrong to indulge in a panty shot of two.

Firstly,what you saw wasn’t even real.Secondly,you didn’t really see anything,its just some teaser to keep you awake.I now see people going crazy over emo drama type anime.Not that I’m against it,I actually watch most genres.But when a guy  says fanservice(controlled to a certain level) is bad its just the end of the world.It just says that I might be the one of the few “veterans” who actually had fond memories watching fanservice orientated shows.I even idolised Ken-san(Love Hina) as some kind of revered pionner of fanservice anime back in the day.

As far as I can remember I always had a good eye for a good ecchi anime.And now that I have seen possibly one of the best things since Love Hina I cannot take it when somebody just brushes it off as ‘just another dumb anime’.But I guess its hard to explain why fanservice oriented anime is good.People who grew up watching bleach,death note,naruto etc(after the bitorrent boom) just cannot grasp the art in these type of shows.As such I have decided that I will continue to blog To Love-Ru not only because I believe in XEBEC doing a good job with it,its also a matter of pride.Its strange, I know, but I somehow feel that I have to stand up for the classic shows that are tied to my childhood including DBZ,Love Hina,Gundam,etc whenever someone insults it.


5 Responses to “Fanservice a dying breed!?”

  1. April 13, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    With Kamen No Maid Guy, TLR, and Kanokon all popping up this season (and the assumption that if it’s there, there’s a market for it), I think it’s a little premature to call fanservice “dying.” It’s also unfair to start blasting people, some of whom have probably been watching longer than yourself, as “faggots” because they prefer plotlines to panties.

    Ant any rate, I am a huge Love Hina fan (it’s one of the first animes I ever watched that wasn’t sci-fi, mecha, or violence oriented), but To Love-Ru looked really dumb to me. The OP was really stylish and made me think it would be cool, but I was not in the least bit impressed with the show itself.

    And if you’re gonna talk seminal fanservice shows, you can’t forget Tenchi Muyo!, which might just be one of the reasons TLR rubbed me the wrong way. Sure, there’s nothing really new under the sun in anime, but episode 1 sure looks like a retread — except with the standard milquetoast “I’m not good with girls” protagonist instead of the amusingly obnoxious Tenchi.

    Guess I’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, props to you for sticking to your guns as far as what you like. No reason to be influenced by other people, watch what you like and leave the rest for others.

  2. April 14, 2008 at 1:09 am

    Well the term “dying” would refer to the dying interest among the otaku of today.I don’t see many younger hardcore fans going for the stuff,probably because half of the anime fans I know are girls.Sure the casual watcher likes it, but if they don’t love it to the point of going all out to buy the merchandise,somewhere along the way its going to fizzle out from the spotlight.They see it as a quick fix from their worries and just dump it aside when the next one comes along.

    And when that happens if a studio decides to do a fanservice theme,say in another 5 years time, I’m sure alot more of these “faggots” will start to pop up.Its just a foreshadow of what might happen in the future.Sure I know there are people who have watched stuff like this before me but I’m just worried about the future.Drama genres are as popular as ever.And you could say sports genres are in a recession.I have never seen a review of any episode of Eyeshield 21 during months of stalking other people’s blogs.I fear the same will happen to fanservice and I am pretty paranoid, especially after I read articles predicting the end of anime in XX years a couple of years back which scared me a little.

    And I probably shouldn’t have used the term “faggots” to describe the people I’m directing this hate post at.It was just a conbination of events that led me to a brief moment insanity.People(guys) posting hate comments on To-Love-Ru.Me being in a bad mood that day after screwing my last math exam.Discovering somebody took down my screenshot.Something just snapped.

  3. 3 boomting
    August 13, 2008 at 1:01 am

    i can see why you cracked but “dying” is a harsh word to use, unless it you got 10,000+ hate comments. surely you must off had some positives comments. i think the “faggots” were probably aged 30-35+, the kind of people who find this childish and indecent. as we get older into our teens, ecchi anime becomes more interesting. see it this way it was rare for people of this age to watch ecchi anime during their teens, when it is most interesting, because of the lack of technology. and now at an older age its just not interesting.

    surely you yourself are under 18. you give give that pic or the first 3-5 episodes to anyone bloke under 18, they will definatly give it a big thumbs up. if they dont, you have the right to call them any thing.

    to me, being in rito’s position (being with someone like lala) at that moment and throughout the rest of the 19 episode would just be an absolute dream come true. and you cant say that it wont to you.

    in simple words, just dont mind the older lot on the net, they are just getting old.

  4. 4 Brass2TheMax
    October 28, 2008 at 9:19 am

    I’ve seen a lot of anime in my day, I’d say I’m FAR from a noobie. But ecchi doesn’t really appeal to me. And I’m 22, attracted to girls (as manly a man as you can get in terms of that), but it still just doesn’t do it for me. When it comes to anime, I need character development, artwork and all that jazz, but most importantly: a decent plot. From my samples here and there of a couple of ecchi-related series (Vandread being my most enjoyed one so far), they mostly tend to have a lot less depth than some other genres. I say ‘tend to’ as this isn’t always the case of course.

    People who are into ecchi, in an attempt to defend the genre (to each their own), will claim that “there is deeper meaning” and that those of us who don’t see it “just can’t grasp the artistic flair of the show”. To me, this is all just a bunch of meaningless blather meant to try and defend something weak by passing it off as something that’s just “too deep to be able to understand” for some people. Yeah, that panty shot holds some deeper meaning alright.

    Blah, watch whatever you enjoy, and all the stuff I said here is my own opinion and not the gospel truth necessarily. I find most ecchi boring because I simply do. Panty shots to me are completely uninteresting (especially because the girl isn’t even real), what I want is a good story. That’s WHY I watch anime. If I wanted to see naked/near naked girls or gratuitous panty shots, I’d just go get some porn.

  5. 5 Aya
    May 17, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    I saw “To Love-ru” I laughed a lot watchin’ that anime xD Lala was so funny x3
    I always see fans-service oriented anime. Well, not with extreme scenes like Kakokon’s ones.
    I want to watch a funny anime even if it’s fans-service scenes. But I’n not intereted in ones with explicit sex… Love Hina was a perfect fans-services oriented anime. Never it went to limits.
    I’m a girl… but i usually watch that time of animes ^^U In my list there’ve always been at least 1 ecchi anime. Ecchi ❤ *good ecchi*

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