Zettai Karen Children – 01

 What is wrong with this picture?

Another new anime series that came out a few days back which is based off the manga.Its interesting to say the least.Good for a few laughs but the main draw for me was Aya Hirano who stars as one of the main characters.As expected she was able to put on a pretty convincing act as a 12-year old girl.I now have a rough idea why girls watch porn after some careful contemplation.

A messy bunch of brats I say

The story is basically a bunch of lolis fighting evil under an organisation called BABEL.And they are Level-7 Espers so I guess it means they can kick some ass in that context.While this might look like a children’s anime I just cannot make that conclusion after watching it.

My guess is that we are in a store in Akihabara

It contains some really queestionable elements which I doubt would be healthy for the minds of young children to take in.Hence,I think this is PG 13 at least.The animation here was actually good for this kind of anime.In fact I’d say its half as decent as Code Geass R2.

Now there is something wrong AGAIN with this picture.

Other than that,I’d say its another mahou-shoujo flick.Nothing really new here.The girls all have special abilities like teleportation,psycic barriers etc.

Aya Hirano playing this cute tomboy loli.She has a good eye for women which makes her a comrade to lolicons and ecchi lovers everywhere.

Don’t like the other two(above and below =P)

I think for now Kaoru is the one I favor most here.

This face has gay written all over it.

Sick and wrong is not enough to describe this scene.

In this episode they go up against some gay villian called Muscle Okama.Even the name sounds fishy.Like in any animes of this genre they somehow win.

“Mm these legs are fabulous”

In the end I don’t think I’ll be blogging anymore of this since I do have a tight schedule.And for one thing I suspect the plot to be recycled over and over in the next 12 episodes or so.My advice would be to watch this only if you are in need of a quick fix of comedy.


1 Response to “Zettai Karen Children – 01”

  1. April 10, 2008 at 9:44 am

    I really don’t like the pictures lol

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