Soul Eater – 01

Well I guess I had to talk about this after watching it the day before.I finally got the kick I was looking for this season when I watched this.I must say I was very surprised at everything in this episode.The animation was superb and very eyecatching.But since I’m in a rush these few days I’m not going to give a long lecture this time….I think.So,what is so great about this?Well,studio bones is doing this.Dentsu is doing this.I recognise them most based on their works on Ouran High and Bleach respectively.

So between them,they have tons of experience with shounen fight scenes and wonderfully vibrant animation.Plot?There isn’t a plot yet because this is an introductory episode.Its going to continue on until episode 3 at least but thats all I know for now.The only coherent thing I could make out was that its about Shinigami(Soul Reapers/Grim Reapers) since I admit I didn’t bother to take notice of this series until yesterday, hence I have never read the manga (11 volumes) before.The OP was the killer for me.T.M Revolution storms back to the limelight with a high energy performance of “Resonance”.I almost chocked at the time.

After being overwhelmed by the series for the first 5 minutes I regained my composure to focus on the finer bits and details of the episode.The characters did appeal to me especially Blair but that was mostly due to the eye candy.Like I said,I still didn’t get what was going on but I was still very much engrossed in the episode.I have heard many complaints about Maka’s voice acting because she is a newbie apparently.But I didn’t think its such a big issue.I’m sure the production team knows what they’re doing and I can’t really say that its horrible because again,I have no knowledge about the manga to properly analyse her character to properly deduce how her voice might sound like.Also there are 2 versions for this episode so I’ll do a proper review for the non-edited one.


I did some research and I dunno if this is good news or bad…(=.=).Soul eater is going to be whooping 51 episodes.”HOLY COW!”.I’m happy that I get to see alot more of it.At the same time I’m dreading to keep to my initial intentions to blog this on a serious basis for A YEAR.

So I’ll be doing this as I see fit,meaning if its going down the toilet after 10 episodes.I think I’ll just shove it aside in favor of other series.Also there is nothing different about the non-edited version so yea everybody got duped including the fansub groups who were waited to see the non-edited before subbing.


3 Responses to “Soul Eater – 01”

  1. March 15, 2009 at 7:38 am

    The pictures are really clear!! I wonder where you get those screenshots?

  2. July 26, 2009 at 2:01 am

    I Think Soul Eater Episode 1 Was Very Bloody And Twisted

  3. 3 Neko-chan
    January 13, 2010 at 4:06 am

    When Soul is eating Blairs soul, it kinda grosses me out

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