Wagaya no Oinari-sama – 1

Delicious =P

Fox girl,fox girl,fox girl.That was probably the only reason I watched this.It wasn’t a disappointment but I dunno if it was really a worthwhile watch plot wise, but the character illustrations was really good especially for Tenko(the fox girl).

Shrine girl fetishes aren't so popular =(

Apparently,this show is about a fox spirit being liberated from imprisonment since ancient times by the family who sealed it away.The family’s “Ki” is the water element and its clan is suffering a decline in the modern era.

The two brothers who are suckers for fox girls

Based on my recollections of fung shuei it means you’re wide open to demons who otherwise wouldn’t mess with you.

Tenko Kuugen aka Kitty aka Kuu-chan

So the grandson of the water priest is being targeted by an  evil spirit and Tenko Kuugen(not his/her real name) is summoned to help.

Notice the fluffy ears <3

Tenko defeats the spirit(wood element) with her(metal element) powers and now becomes the maid girl….err spirit guardian to the two brothers she protected as a sign of gratitude.

Nice animation scenes here

It would be nicer if she really was a maid.On Tenko’s gender its stated that he/she forgot about it due to the passage of time.So it can now become a fox girl or a sizzling ladies man.

An envious position *sob*

I’ll refer to it as “her” for now since she didn’t reveal her male form yet.The animation throughout was pretty decent considering it was HD.Anyway, the only way this is going to get any better if something like more character development for Tenko or another cool plot twist is introduced to spice up the series.Otherwise I’ll just blog this until I run out of interest.For now, I can’t say it was the best thing I have seen so far this season.Ahem,I feel that at least 5 shows this season were on par and possibly better than this.However,whether it was any better than the light novel I’ll never know because japanese literature is a rarity here where I live.Final word,watch this for the fox girl,avoid this if you don’t like supernatural sci-fi themes.


4 Responses to “Wagaya no Oinari-sama – 1”

  1. April 12, 2008 at 3:29 am

    Look nice.
    Looks like i`m going to clear my computer space

  2. April 12, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    KUUGEN!!!!!!!!!! LOL She’s so cool

  3. 4 Kitsune
    November 30, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I love Tenko kuugen

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