Wagaya no Oinarisama – 2


This is the best thing since Inuyasha~!!…Not really, since I got sick of Inuyasha after like 10 episodes for some reason and Inu means dog which is nothing like a fox.Pff how can a lowly dog compare to my fox girl?NO WAY that’s gonna happen!!This time we see Tenko adjust to life in the modern world.


The brothers bring back Tenko to their house and ask if they can keep a “youkai”,spirit thing, as a pet.Aww thats cute (^^) Dad says “Sure why not”.Awesome!!

Smells good
OMG I want one !! =(

Tenko is basically fascinated by all these new gizmos,especially the magic box with people in it,aka the TV.Kou,the family sentinel and resident shrine maiden, who followed the brothers to Tokyo too,is their new maid XD.Well,she did say she would serve them until she perishes.

Aww isn’t that cute~~

 Now that’s a rare sight:Fox bishie and shrine maiden in the same room?

Tenko goes out with the Takagami brothers to find the od that governs the land.Tenko need to seek the god’s word of tribute to stay and use magic in the land.

The FACE of GOD!!

Incidentally,its the guy who owns the convenience store next to the shinto shrine who is the God,the God of merchants to be exact.

Using his mystic powers he’s able to do good business. Since the profits at his shrine hasn’t been well lately,he is forced to make ends meet by being a convenience store owner.

What?NO WAY it means everything…EVERYTHING!!

He orders this minions to attack Tenko and co.

A few heat blasts and thunderbolts later….Tenko defeats them and peace is restored.

The reason for this attack:To get Tenko to bash up the shrine.People come to rebuild it.More customers pass by his convenience store and buy stuff.More profit.What the..?So in the end it is revealed that Miyako,the two brother’s mom’s spirit still roams the land.Its interesting that this show has post-ED song scenes of the episode to encourage people not to turn off your TV before the song,and it was LOL material =3

As for next week,its going to be as juicy as ever =P

Oh and the OP scenes featured….yes,like I mentioned in my preview sometime ago,people waving fans and swords but they improved it dramatically.And I’m impressed with what they’ve done.

Pros:Very easy-going feel,Good follow up for episode 1,Nice plot pacing for a 26 episode series,Great animation,Tenko cuteness is well executed,Kou the water priest’s lack of common sense is somewhat appealing 0.o? Fox girl,Fox girl,Fox girl !!!Oh and a fox guy bishie for the ladies.

Cons:Nothing I could think of but perhaps a better OP and ED song?They were good but I think its the least amazing out of everything in this episode,The brothers could at least try to stand out a little more.I hardly notice their presence throughout the episode for some reason.They’re just so subdued.

Final word:
Its turning out better than I could have ever hoped for since I started with zero expectations.I don’t really know if this is shoujo/shounen but I do know its most likely supernatural seinen.Its different from alot of the stuff coming out these few years.And no it wont be an Inuyasha rippoff because there isn’t any complicated plot,extensive cast,or any of that which defines inuyasha except for the supernatural youkai main character thing.I think the main reason why I didn’t like Inuyasha was because there wasn’t any cute characters to keep me interested and the mood was too uptight for my tastes.I am however a big Takahashi Rumiko fan so I was a little dissapointed when she decided to make Inuyasha of all things when I expected something more ecchi related.

I didn’t watch anime yesterday…. =O because I was doing this >>>> turning THIS into THAT
Anyway,I’m still learning but as the Supreme Dictator Overlord of this cyberspace territory,I think I’m getting better at it.I’ll be releasing a full scanlated chapter of a series(top secret) soon enough…which means 2-3 months =P Hey I still have to learn to type-set right?


As an animeblogger I think its important to scout around to see what the common folk think  aka your average Joe,

“Its a little slow” – Unknown nobody 1

Uh huh…this is what years of watching mindless slapstick humour can do to you.Your sense of time is out of whack.

“Needs more romance”- Unknown nobody 2

This is what watching too much hentai game anime adaptions will do to you.It was never a romance anime to begin with.DEAL WITH IT !!

“Hmm I like the male form better” – Unknown nobody 3 “I like the girl form better” – Unknown nobody 4

How about turning bi?That way everybody wins XD.But seriously,they’re both cool.

“Should I watch this?”-Unknown nobody 5

Uh huh…you should.


6 Responses to “Wagaya no Oinarisama – 2”

  1. April 20, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    I need my animal eared girl fix…Kanokon and it’s shouta ra*e won’t do it for me, so maybe Wagaya no Oinarisama will!! ^_^

  2. April 21, 2008 at 12:41 am

    yup shotacon is just plain boring to me.Lolis and fox girls are the in-thing now (^.^)

  3. April 21, 2008 at 11:42 am

    I have yet to watch this xD

    By the time it finished downloading, which, mind you, took the whole bloody night, I watched Code Geass and this Jdrama and Macross Frontier instead

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