Soul Eater – 4

I’m feeling lazy to write a long detailed summary and dissect this episode to bits so I’ll just do a picture blog.Its the new in thing.Says who?Dunno but it should be.


Dreams sure are nice and its no different with soul.Maka however comes in at the wrong time and things get complicated.


Blair should just dump this loser and become my cat toy =3 BWAHAHA .At school Maka is still angry over that morning play session.Can’t a master and his cat have a little privacy anymore?Maka demonstrates her future prowess as the next shinigami sama.MAKAAA~~ CHOP!!


Question:What are you kids doing? You have zero souls recovered.


Black star:NYAHAHAHA~~!! I can’t help it if I’m so BIG-datte!!, Tsubaki: ……..

The delinquents are given an ultimatum.Capture Sid-sensei as their next mission or be expelled.Sid sensei is that random hip hop dude that we saw back in episode 3 who is now a zombie.As Soul would say, thats coool-dane.


What do you do to Lure a zombie out?

Soul & Black Star:”Pee on his grave.And add some shit while you’re at it”


The ensuing fight scene was AMAZING as usual.Black Star really looked less like a doofus this time and he was actually cool =O surprise surprise….Maka and Soul were hiding some super secret bankai type move?Hehe not really but the bgm used was very Gurren Langann-ish and it almost popped my eyeballs out.


They finally catch Sid and thanks to Black Star they escape expulsion.We are then introduced to Dr Frankenstein (huh?).He is the first wielder of the Death Scythe(aka Maka’s dad) and the strongest living Meister in Shibusen.


THIS IS AMAZING!!! Yea nothing big happened plot wise but the visuals were top quality and the music was spot on.I loled for most of the pre-fight scenes and Maka’s dad was just hilarious.He’s exactly my kinda guy except that he’s got a daugther complex.


Darn I’m tired today…as such my review of Kuu-chan the foxy fox girl is coming a little late =/


3 Responses to “Soul Eater – 4”

  1. May 3, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    A great episodes as everyone was expecting, but it didn’t have enough of Death The Kid!

  2. May 4, 2008 at 1:07 am

    Black Star + Soul = 1 Death the Kid =P

    I think it has about the same level of lolz with those 2 around hehe

  3. December 15, 2009 at 11:19 am


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