Wagaya no Oinari-sama 4:Kou Cooks ~

This time we zoom in on Kou’s struggles as she tries to fit in as a household member in theTakagami house.Her constant ineptitude at household chores is becoming a bother as well as costing the family alot of money.Here is a quick picture summary of what happened with a real summary at the bottom.

Talking pets…

Personal slave girl

Home-made cooking is overated.

At least this pillow is free.*Government secretly drafts pillow tax legislation.

“Damn I’m HOT”

“Kyaaa~~ this bunny is so HOT cute”

Guess what I have behind me.

The wicked witch of the East!! Wrong fairytail sista

RAWR~~ makes me feel all wild inside!!

Squirtle used water gun.CRITICAL HIT!! Its not very effective…

We also get to know more about Kuu’s past and the Miyako,the former water priest.It seems that the Mizuchi water clan priests only can live for 30 years at most.Knowing this Miyako lived her life to the fullest but died after giving birth to Tohru.As such Tohru never knew his mother and feels sad every time the subject is brought up.Kuu and Haruki(dad) have a talk about Miyako that night.Later the next day,Tohru goes to buy some stuff and stumbles upon some edaname(large beans) and follows the trail.At the end of the yellow brick road was not a pot of gold.Yep its another monster.But this time we learn that Kou has the “blood of the dragon race”.Dunno what that is but it sure sounds cool.Obviously the bean lady is defeated and they extort beans from her for dinner.


I’m pretty tired but I’d say this is another good episode even if I watched this half-dead.I proves that this is one of the few shows that actually have some rewatch value for me.Anyway,I won’t be doing any in-deapth posts much until I sort out my problems in real life as well as finish up my scanlating project which as been sidetracked due to my gaming habits.Stress does lead to me isolating myself for hours, grinding at the keyborad to level up.


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