Wagaya no Oinari-sama ~ 5 Kuu vs Ebisu

Whoa too much stimulation there!!We now return to our usual broadcast.

“A boy and his youkai”
Having too little free time this past week,I’m finally writing something!!Okay,so I got my weekly dose of moe-ness after spending the the whole of yesterday editing manga for hours.

Shopping is hard…not that I know anything about it
Enough of that,this time Kuu wants to resurrect the deceased spirit of Miyako,Tohru’s mom.But to do that itself is a taboo.

How can I say no to that =3
I think its because Kuu finds Tohru to be just like his mom when she was young.Having that scar at the back of his neck,being the second person ever to call Tenko, Kuu-chan and having very little worldly desires.

Kuu remembers the time she spent with Miyako as happy times although she herself doesn’t want to admit it.Their first meeting was a painful one too as Miyako’s habit of strangling anything cute was a bad habit even back then.

Miyako became the new priestess and spent her days talking to Kuu.I suspect Kuu herself misses Miyako very much judging from the melancholic look in her eyes.Kuu follows Kou to the supermarket and asks for some money to buy sake.

“So this is what we call a porn mag”
The sake was to summon the river guardian-just guessing(the one who mans the boat to the afterlife).Kuu explains she is going to summon Miyako’s spirit soon.

Ebisu as if knowing that this was going to happen delivers a message to Kuu warning her not to anything funny during the full moon.

Kuu does it anyway.She performs a dance(a very entrancing one*drools*) while the brothers and Kou looks on at the riverside.

Its the convenience store owner!! I’m shaking in fear here \o/

She had magically transported them there at dinner time.Ebisu arrives to stop Kuu because as the God of the land,he cannot allow this.The ritual may do harm to the mortal residents in the area or so he claims.

Wow they talked about “reiryoku” (spirit energy),and its not bleach.Cool…
Kuu and Ebisu go at it in a fierce fight with Ebisu always having the upper-hand.Ebisu “gives in” saying that he will allow the ritual to pass if Kuu gives up her hair as a penalty for committing the sin.

The reason why we give offerings to stone statues.
Kuu relents but is forced to after Ebisu threatens the brothers.Tohru is finally able to see his mother but his first words were “I don’t think so”.

The saddest moment this whole week for me.

Kinda sad but Miyako was only able to be there for a short period.Tohru is in tears but is still thankful to Kuu.

What the…?!

That sicko >.<”
Meanwhile Ebisu is brimming with joy as he finally got Kuu to give up her hair.Apparently he was targetting it for a while now.He wants to make them into charm bracelets to sell at his store.That sneaky rat =.=”

Just watching Kuu-chan is enough to make me happy and now she’s in an English summer dress?Double happiness =) For me I think it was a pretty heartwarming episode and I’m looking forward to more characters being introduced soon.On Kuu’s hair being cut…I’ll quote what I said on Random Curiosity,”NOOOOO Kuu’s hair WHY?!”.Why indeed,bracelets?It doesn’t make sense at all.Anyway,I feel all warm and relaxed inside now.Oh and its refreshing to note that we didn’t fight another youkai this week.And I don’t think there will be a youkai next week either.

I am also wondering why Soul Eater 5 isn’t out yet?Must be exams.It has to be it because I’m having them too XD Anyway,this means I have time to catch up on a couple of episodes of Kanokon I skipped due to my tight schedule the last 2 weeks.I hope it doesn’t drain my braincells?

What the average Joe said:

“YAY i was waiting all week 4 this man i h8 waiting but its worth it 4 this anime its really good i like the opening song” <<Yay a comrade
“…ebisu …suck” <<A simple way to put it
“miyako seems still very lively though she’s dead” <<LOL
“wow just in time for mothers day.. haha”
“im starting to think that this anime is for kids” <<Who asked you?
I picked the ones which reflected some of the main thoughts as a whole for the community.The usual negative ones complain that its “boring”.Clearly, they don’t know the meaning of the word moe or they have been poisoned by shounen anime for far too long.

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