D.Grayman Licensed:There goes my eyesight (x_x)

God Funmation is on a rampage this year…first they eat Gurren Langann(before that they also ate Ouran Host Club) now they just ate D.Grayman.”Ate” as in devoured into the commercial American DVD sales market.Whether its good or bad I rather not say since you never know when a troll might attack me >.> Well,while I wasn’t really into D.Grayman because,it came out at a really bad time in my life,as in a very STRESSFUL exam period and a STRESSFUL period of personal dilemma(girl trouble*cough*).The black suits and emo-ness introduced by the black atmoshpere would surely have caused me to sink into a depression(thats what I was afraid of).So I only managed to get to episode 20….before I forgot to pick it up back again.But yea, now I gotta binge watch until my eyeballs melt.Sucks for me.

Anyway its due to be out by 2009.RomeoXJuliet is also being licensed, I never liked the story for some reason so no panic there.But I’d consider buying the DVD’s by then…just 1 or 2, if I so happen to decide to move to California.But we’ll see.

Also,I plan on doing a manga chapter review :> for a new/old series I just read from one of my favourite scanlators in the next few days along with a special tribute to one of my fav manga.Number 2 would be me of course =D Its not a trap >:P


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