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Soul Eater 12:I love cats <3

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Strange… but cute though.

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Wagaya no Oinari-sama 9:Cookies solve everything

“You’re getting sleepy….”

Wowow this series is getting better than ever LOL!! This time,the raccoon *cough* I mean owl from the previous episode who was stalking Noboru makes an appearance. Continue reading ‘Wagaya no Oinari-sama 9:Cookies solve everything’


Wagaya no Oinarisama 8:Sock puppets are so GAR XD

Are you happy?

Episode 8 was the best I’ve seen so far.Why was this a month overdue?Yea exam pressure.But the burden is GONE I’m off to college in fall….to the sunny state of California(a long way from home though) but definitely this fall.I owe alot to this episode to remind me to not get so worked up all the time.Anyway this episode is….about well the “reversing circle”.Lol I can’t really recall much other than the amazing character Continue reading ‘Wagaya no Oinarisama 8:Sock puppets are so GAR XD’


To Love-Ru manga update & Random stuff

Life is good….as expected the report about To Love-ru’s manga ending from that french website I reported on earlier was BULLSHIT!!! Continue reading ‘To Love-Ru manga update & Random stuff’


Dub vs Sub?:The Age Old Dilemma

I sometimes stalk the ANN forums just to get into the minds of the average American anime fan.And during one of my adventures I stumble across the topic of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan being licensed discussion.Then, the topic of dubs vs subs caught my attention in the thread.I’ll quote some of the posts anonymously.

“This may come as a shock to you but some of us do prefer English dubbed anime because, for various reasons, we don’t like watching anime in Japanese while reading sub-titles. It doesn’t have much to do with whether a series will be on TV or not, it has to do with maximizing the possible number of fans who can enjoy the series. Continue reading ‘Dub vs Sub?:The Age Old Dilemma’


To Love-Ru:Manga Possibly Ending

Edit:More news on the situation has come to light.It seems the rumors were dismissed indefinitely as just plain rumors.Yay for ecchi!!

Shit!! My week just went from bad to worse.I was having a hangover this morning from studinging my brains out and I go on to read some shounen jump and stuff.Behold…some random French guy claims that To Love-Ru’s manga is ending by the end of the month HERE.

Anyway I had a feeling that something was up after the Trouble quest ended.When Rito semi-confessed that he might like Lala the story started going to fillers.But,the site claims that the rumours are from reliable sources while not specifying anything.I think its best to wait for some word from jump before causing a ruckus.
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Spice and Wolf 7 – DVD edition

Its finally here so this is the final episode entry for the series.

Basically nothing happened this episode which warrants a detailed summary,so I’m just going over the main points.

The episode,I think was centered around how Horo’s clothes changed from episode 6 to 8.Wow!! That was Continue reading ‘Spice and Wolf 7 – DVD edition’