Wagaya no Oinarisama 8:Sock puppets are so GAR XD

Are you happy?

Episode 8 was the best I’ve seen so far.Why was this a month overdue?Yea exam pressure.But the burden is GONE I’m off to college in fall….to the sunny state of California(a long way from home though) but definitely this fall.I owe alot to this episode to remind me to not get so worked up all the time.Anyway this episode is….about well the “reversing circle”.Lol I can’t really recall much other than the amazing character designs.But the whole supernatural theme isn’t very important in this episode though I very much would like to see that reversing circle can really do.

Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde…anime style

Come ‘ere for a hug little fox~~

We’re introduced to Mubyou and Kuu in a swimsuit.That enough to give anyone nosebleeds.

Grr…I don’t know my own strength

You must have a phobia of busty foxes

So Mubyou is the quintessence of the word “yandere”.What is it about her two faced nature that’s so appealing?It could be that overly cute girly voice she uses to seduce Tohru.It could be that she’s also loli like for not having THOSE things.Her sadistic nature and that her tastes in violence resemble blissmo’s?

Gasp!! Its not there~~!!

Kuu…it seems that she’s discovered that you get what you want from the two boys easier by resorting to female charms.

Luckily I’m into S&M LOL

And lets not forget that cool super saiyan like battle scene lol.Sock puppets are deadly weapons!!For the next episodes though I’m guessing that there’s something more to Mubyou judging from the few glimpses I’ve seen here and there from Sea Slug’s blog and Randomc.


2 Responses to “Wagaya no Oinarisama 8:Sock puppets are so GAR XD”

  1. June 18, 2008 at 6:42 am

    LOL! Omg, I don’t watch this but I love that yandere girl already!!!

    I can’t help killing bunnies. They’re too cute. XD

  2. June 18, 2008 at 11:55 am

    >.< I got that similar killer aura when I was watching this lol

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