Wagaya no Oinari-sama 9:Cookies solve everything


“You’re getting sleepy….”

Wowow this series is getting better than ever LOL!! This time,the raccoon *cough* I mean owl from the previous episode who was stalking Noboru makes an appearance.


Now thats definitely a raccoon there.

Owl-san asks Kou to let it talk to Noboru by luring her with money(you heard right lol)Yea,so apparently Mubyou isn’t the reversing circle’s rightful owner.Its Owl-san’s,though everybody says the mask is a raccoon aka Tamaki(Tamaki? LOL).

“You think crunchy, sweet and salty cookies can make me help you?!”


Sakura has quite an impressive wardrobe there.


T.T Poor Mubyou-chan
Owl-san bribes them with cookies.Gosh this is so lame but it gets a smile from me nevertheless.Kuu then goes to search for Mybyou.Changing forms to fit who she wants to ask.


Bookstore lady?Use the dazzling bishounen charm!!Old police officer?Use the busty blone teenager look with the puppy dog eyes!!

Sakura’s making progress with Noboru.Somewhat…

Noburu and the badminton club also plan on playing fireworks that night.

Step 1:Season your meat with salt

(0.0) !!!!

Kou tags along feeling that something bad might happen.She successfully wards off evil spirits bothering some drunken office workers.Sakura was busy flirting with Noboru.Kou gets offered a can drink for helping the men.She picks Asahi Beer….and she turns into A SLUT in 2 seconds.Whoohoo!!Strip show guys!!

Kuu however is sick of following Owl-san and proceeds to tar and feather it.Ebi-chan freaks out as the fighting is going to damage his land even more than it already is.As the powerlines snapped,cutting off power to the whole town,so does Ebisu.It becomes a threesome grudge match.


“Die you dumb raccoon!!”

Nice shot Ebi-chan

Mubyou appears again and somehow convinces Tohru to help her find her contacts?Now that’s weird.STRIKE!!Ebisu lands a concrete slab on Owl-san,right in the face.

The mask breaks to reveal ANOTHER MUBYOU !? Super special awesome plot twist there.

Its climbing up the rankings, surely,in my book.I’d still rate it as one of the best 5 this season.Probably since it has a unique blend of slice of life,romance,action and supernatural themes.Its got it all.From a so-so mediocre first episode to a colorful vibrant series.While it may not rival the heavy weights, its grown into a solid watch with many interesting characters.


1 Response to “Wagaya no Oinari-sama 9:Cookies solve everything”

  1. June 20, 2008 at 6:57 am

    What? Another Mubyou? LOL, I should really start watching this again

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