Birdy The Mighty Decode 02:Afromania 4eva

I’ve been having these weird lags on my vlc when I play videos from eclipse and now from infinite-zero.Conclusion?Either that Vista sucks or their encoding is screwed.

Anyway,after re-encoding it,the video played fine =P.So…the episode was surprisingly good.I can’t remember much from the manga at this point though but I barely read much of it anyway.So we are told that Senkawa died and he’s living in Birdy.He didn’t take it very well though.

Meanwhile this “Ryunka” thing is stolen from Geega and he sends Bacilus to retrieve it.At the same time one of Senkawa’s classmates nearly dies and is in ICU.As expected,Bacilus and Birdy have some sort of big fight.Blame the nosy journalist who is hanging around Geega for that.

Apparently Bacilius is some kinda parasite alien who eats his host and uses the body.But he manages to escape and eats Geega in hunger…probably learned his table manners from Monkey D. Luffy (=.=)

This could probably be the scariest anime chick ever.Alien exploding out from her guts any minute folks?

The one thing that really got my curiosity going was how that girl(Senkawa’s classmate) suddenly had a miraculous recovery after being just moments away from death.Perhaps the notion that aliens can take over people’s bodies seems to spark some sense of paranoia in me.Yea…all that “are we really alone?” junk starts to flood in.Nevertheless,I also seemed to have overlooked the fact that the OP(sora) and the ED are really catchy the last time I reviewed this.I even ripped the songs into a couple of mp3 files and played it over and over until my ears bled.I was kinda dissapointed that Afromania didn’t release a PV for their work on gurren langann….hopefully we get one for this =)

Other than that I’m seriously thinking of quitting my job and reverting back to a hikkomori-ish lifestyle.Teaching kids these days is hell.I don’t mind them being dumb as long as they listen to me.But no.These monsters don’t give a damn about anything(except pokemon maybe) including me.Ungrateful brats….


4 Responses to “Birdy The Mighty Decode 02:Afromania 4eva”

  1. July 16, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Actual conclusion: VLC sucks, get Zoom Player.

    And keep at it! Without teachers I would just be watching anime and playing games all day long….
    aaaaall daaaaaay looooooong…

  2. July 16, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Hmm well it never lagged on my old XP machine…bah I’ll just get zoom player then T.T

    Actually,some of them were planning to set up an imaginary stall to sell imaginary ice blended drinks during class.I can’t help but think “The world is ending if we’re leaving the world in these kids’ hands”.

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