Koihime Musou:Return from hiatus T.T

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I’ve been having my hands full with dividing my time between anime and my job(teaching children animals in a school)…which thankfully ends next week as my contract expires.But enough of that,I’ve been behind on alot of the summer anime..so I think I’ll take this chance to just talk about one of the summer anime’s I liked so far.

Koihime Musou.”Unparalleled Dreams of the princesses of love” ,as I think the title means..may sound like a little less appealing to the average viewer including me but after a few episodes it really starts to grow on you.Episode 1 and 2 was nothing praiseworthy but since then its only succeeded in maintaining my interest with random chibi-like scenes and steamy yuri tainted scenes.For some reason the series seems to have some kind of historical premise?At least that’s what I was told or made to believe.While it may seem like a harem….its actually a reverse harem of sorts because of the martial arts theme.Basically no girls are supposed to do these kinda things and those that did had to dress up as males(like Mulan for example),speaking on the subject…there’s supposed to be a trap somewhere along the way if I’m not mistaken.

As for the story so far…its just about a bunch of girls who travel the land while doing good,they get money from working at ancient chinese maid cafes…which isn’t exactly historically accurate lol.But watching this series really brings back memories of watching those hongkong cantonese drama’s back when I was younger.Not much variety in the story once you watched enough of it.But Koihme overcomes this obvious problem by blinding viewers with yuri fanservice,moe-moe characters and throwing in a few odd scenes involving Kannu.

After 5 episodes watched so far,its definitely a solid watch if you’re looking for something light and cute.I’d strongly recommend watching up till episode 3 at least before judging the series for yourself since I’m well aware that its pretty draggy in the beginning when they’re introducing the main characters and such.

I’ll probably do a few more individual reviews of the anime’s I liked this summer…like Xam’d or something…but that depends on whether I have the time to goof off like I’m doing now.


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