August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really

Hmm alot happened this month…though I doubt any of them were really significant.First off,I have absolutely nothing new to watch besides one piece(catching up on missed episodes).So I’ll just rant about how the current anime I’m watching is going as well as what I did this month.All the otaku related bits of course.

Code Geass…yea that..its shaping up to be one hell of a mess with crazy subplots being introduced every week,all leading up to some big finale.If it ends with Suzaku and Lelouch shooting each other again…>.> Nevertheless,I seem to feel that aura of greatness in the first season waning now that the series is ending(maybe?)Hey,even having heard the English dub a little gave me some laughs but nothing more.Having the english dub of season 2 air right after season 1 ends just confirms that I’m never buying he dvds heh.Why?Somehow I just don’t agree with Lelouch’s english dub voice.So instead of being an ass and complaining,I’ll just not buy their stuff…unless they’re gonna sell me a sub only copy.

And I find t slightly disheartening to learn that my favorite harem of the season,based on possibly the greatest works to chinese literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is not getting much attention aside from the drooling fanboys.No I wasn’t drooling too*wipes mouth*.But it certainly changed the perception I had about chinese literature dramatically.Not to mention the OP and ED songs are awesome lol.The art has a hentai-ish style(the video is the hentai game OP and it rules too) and I’m not pissed about it as much as I was when I forced myself to watch the “highly popular” Clannad.Who was that loser flirting with all those girls and not banging them up again?I forgot since I was too blinded by my green eyes.

And I saw that fansub panel discussion at Otakon on ANN,hell I couldn’t stay awake for half the video…since most of the issues are old problems with new ways of paraphrasing them.I was inerested in seeing how fansubbers looked in real life though.Sadly the ones that I did want to see didn’t turn up.I wanted to see how their swearing on irc would look like in real life =P.For me though,I’d like to see something more adventurous done.Like a subscription based TV channel that shows the latest anime straight from japan 24-7..yea keep dreaming.But if my stupid dream to have an anime studio make an anime under me as the director comes true one day I’ll make that my second goal =P

Also I’ve spent alot of time reading and translating raw manga these last few weeks.Not that I know what I’m doing,I’m just hoping that at some point I’ll be able to read things fluently.Strangely..its pretty addicting and I’m starting to aqquire the reading skill similar to a speech impaired 6 year old japanese boy.

I also had some lol’s watching the latest abridged Yu-gi-oh crap spin-off of Cr@psule Monsters.

Ahh and of course about the upcoming fall season….I’ve got nothing to watch…so I’ll probably be watching the spring/summer anime I skipped =/ WAIT….Rosario to Vampire Season 2 might be worth a peek?And of course I’m pretty pumped up for some “Gyabo” etc ^^ from Nodame-san.Meh we’ll see how it goes.

Finally,I’m off to college next month so I’ll probably be inactive AGAIN for a few weeks.I’ll probably be in the library or pissing my counselors off asking them loads of shit.


2 Responses to “August Wrap Up:31 days in 300 words…not really”

  1. August 31, 2008 at 10:27 pm


    I just made a new Code Geass fansite! Check it out!


  2. 2 Kairu Ishimaru
    October 22, 2008 at 1:50 am


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