Toradora!:OP & ED mini analysis

Yo…its been a while I just came back from my mid-terms and I “aced” it (>.<) no really, please let me ace it…ehh so I’m gonna talk about err Toradora!!!! But since I already talk about that in Yukan I’m just gonna focus around the ED and OP songs,sung by Rie Kumigaya and Yui Horie respectively,there was a third person but I forgot…lol

Okay OP…it is good..but it hurts my brain.I’m listening to it in hopes of somehow catching a few phrases and I still fail,epic fail.So I proceeded to skim through the official lyrics at the back of the CD case.I did make out that the theme was “a naive pre-parade”,probably from the characters lining up one after another in a parade like style.But the song mostly centered around Taiga with lines like “I may be small but I won’t lose to anyone,I think” and that “You don’t look that strong to me(pu-re pu-re)someday I’ll catch you(pu-re pu-re)” in the first verse.Bah I’m too lazy to translate any further but you kinda get the picture right?

FuLL VeRsioN

The ED well was a little easier to understand,the obvious play on words I saw was the “a-ma-ii” which is intended to mean sweet but also can mean “inexperienced” or “naive”.It might be a slang but whatever.So it refers to Taiga’s relative shortcomings at love.Stuttering and not honest with herself and such.”The thing I’m looking for isn’t white but black” is one of the verses which points to this.Compared to the OP it exudes more “humble” language maybe since the lyrics reveal the indecisive side of the singer.You could view the pinch of salt as a seed of doubt in a person heart.Which could point to Taiga and Ryuji’s relationship.Couple or not?Likewise for the OP I’m actually reading off the CD single case where they write down the lyrics =P since I mostly read rather than listen by ear lol.

FuLL VeRsIon

Anyway I gave the DL links for the songs if you’re interested and please correct me if I’m wrong since I am still learning with this…cYA  ;D


2 Responses to “Toradora!:OP & ED mini analysis”

  1. 1 Kairu Ishimaru
    November 1, 2008 at 10:45 am

    I really liked the OP of Toradora. Pretty catchy.

    “Yo…its been a while I just came back from my mid-terms and I “aced” it (>.<) no really, please let me ace it”
    – Me too. I hope I aced my exams. ;____;

  2. November 4, 2008 at 5:45 am

    I flunked them so I’m emo now.Emo kid…

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